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Four More Lost Years of Empty, Clueless Rhetoric

howard194 Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 5:00 PM
obamboozle can say and do anything he wants - no matter how destructive or offensive to this nation - and his useful idiot fellow traveler marxist hordes swoon. complete evil and total insanity.

WASHINGTON - If you thought President Obama's first term was one long, uninterrupted political brawl, the next four years will make that period look tame by comparison.

If you need any evidence for this prediction, Obama's in-your-face, second inaugural address is Exhibit A. It was a speech tailored to make the hearts of liberal Democrats beat faster, cheering what some in the Washington news media called "Obama unbound."

It was a speech that sent an unmistakable message to his party's base that this time around, it's no more Mr. Nice Guy. The gloves are off, these are my issues, and it's...