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well, i guess i can just withdraw all of my 401-k money... and enjoy myself here in the end times. see you guys in vegas BEFORE ebola wipes out the town.
you're a fool if you believe this is beneath obamboozle and co... or a democrat... then you'd automatically be both.
obamboozle and the lefty tyrants WANT an ebola outbreak in the US so they can nullify upcoming elections... declare martial law... and see to it that their enemies conveniently are the largest infected demographic. if obamboozle isn't the anti-christ, he's certainly as evil.
so how's a perry-walker ticket sound? maybe a perry-bolton ticket? john bolton would make a great VP because the guy is so damn smart i've never seen him lose a single point to anyone when he makes his occasional TV appearance... the repubs would be smart to task him as a non-stop mouthpiece for the party.
the hospital should've had some of the more hideous and obese female staff dress as houri's- dancing around his bed and groping him- as he awakened. maybe a few burly cops in drag to satisfy this killer's expectation of heavenly virgins...
yep... there are always some if's and the additional threat of rampant voter fraud.
and she's not a hideous wildebeeste like lefty wyminfolk typicaly are...
what is the left's end game? say the absurd and asinine lies- that are illogically surreal- so often that at some point people will believe it? i'm not talking about believing the "big lie", i'm talking about suspending all logic for madness...
right. and how he became corrupted doesn't negate his personal responsibility.
"radical Islam is here in the U.S." no, ISLAM is here in the US... there is only one brand of islam and this guy was practicing it as written in the koran and as taught in the mosques and as demonstrated by muslims around the world.
willing imbeciles who resist anything but this philosophy... the only way to change it is to make taxpayer support so limited that working is the better choice AND to tie this limited support to mandatory milestones such as literacy, limits on dependants, marriage, community service, etc.
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