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they're all gypsys, tramps and theives...
you were completely wrong during the midterms... now you're doubly down? lol.
no one like's a quitter, frank... go down swinging, sir!
he coulda said "out of my pay grade"
i am thrilled walker- who's been my pick for a few years- is so widely popular.
i'm sure that makes sense to you.
tYpE; ThIs- WaY+ fOr" EfFeCtIvE! CoMmUnIcAtIoN*
if it were possible- like it should be- to compare obama and bush's grades side-by-side i'd wager, at worst, their grades would be relatively similar. at worst. also, if it were possible- like it should be- to compare obama's citizenship status to bush's "stolen" elections that obama is the one with the truly illegitimate presidency.
klein was right; it's what leftists consider the center...
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Giuliani Versus Obama

howard194 Wrote: Feb 24, 2015 10:18 AM
"to display his greatness to an adoring world." an insightful post. however, i see your last line a bit differently. to me, obama revels in irritating traditional americans and the american way that has produced a great nation. he assumes the adoration of the left is a given, but his real joy is deconstructing what most american's cherish, and then giving them the symbolic middle finger as they object to his nihilism.
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