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bush... rubio... lardäss... romney... NO ONE wants any of these rino turds. walker... cruz... bolton (if he ran).
i'd rather vote for mitt than another rino bush weakling... but, my preference would be scott walker... or ted cruz... or john bolton...
i'm moving to romania...
stay classy, greenpeace
if the poll says 58% then you know it is actually much higher... 70% or more would be my guess.
i would wear hideous christmas sweaters every day... with lights wrapped around my body and actual presents dangling from me... i would hand the gifts to the worst sourpusses who objected to my face. i would walk around telling everyone merry christmas... happy holidays... happy hannukuh. my hat would be a helmut with a menorah mounted on top with actual lit candles. sure, people would be blowing them out constantly, but then they would get a candycane or a draedel (sp?).
and the differences are?
lol. good one.
actually, the nazi's rebranded (rewrote) mein kampf nearly 40 times because it was incoherent and wouldn't sell. at one point, sales of the book helped finance the nazi regime.
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