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Agreed...Carson/Paul...two Docs in charge. To bring healing to our Nation.
Paul and Carson 2016. Cruz is too volatile.
I would rather see a Carson/Paul ticket. Either of them would make a better Prez than Cruz.
So...the video actually says 60-70% incomplete...wow!!!
...But Schultz was honest...he really did know nothing. Obama probably would not recognize the truth if it were a cobra posing to strike him in the face.
I guess my sarcasm was not transparent enough...
No way...insane people should not be in charge. It's like having people like Charlie Sheen, and Danny Bonaduce run a church event. I am not in favor of liars at all. I actually know someone in real life who sticks by their lies no matter what...he steals from his kids so he can buy cigars and alcohol for himself...toxic waste of dna.
You think you are smarter than an MD?
Yes...and it's amazing that Obama could not have hired an American owned IT company to create the American site...instead he hired a Canadian company with a history of fiasco. Why? Because his wife went to school with one of their head honchos...lol!!!
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