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HouTexan Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 9:56 PM
Excellent analysis, owing to its insight and frankness. Hollis's outlook is bleak--but it is the truth. It is therefore possible to start the long road back. Like Hollis, though, I am really afraid of what happens when our society hits bottom. Japan and Germany hit bottom in the 20th Century--we've seen images of the ruins all our lives. Those societies got back on their feet because we, the United States, helped them get back up. If this society bottoms out in a way that's remotely like those two countries, who's going to help us?
tcon45 Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 6:11 PM
It is NOT "excellent analysis" and it is NOT the truth!

Unlike you, the majority of Americans don't accept failure as a foregone conclusion. Whatever the future brings, we can and will deal with it, and we won't need anyone to "help us get back up".

So quit whining and step up to the plate ...

I am already reading so many pundits and other talking heads analyzing the disaster that was this year’s elections. I am adding my own ten cents. Here goes:

1. We are outnumbered

We accurately foresaw the enthusiasm, the passion, the commitment, the determination, and the turnout. Married women, men, independents, Catholics, evangelicals – they all went for Romney in percentages as high or higher than the groups which voted for McCain in 2008. It wasn’t enough. What we saw in the election on Tuesday was a tipping point: we are now at a place where there are legitimately fewer Americans who...