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I'd like to see some links for your assertions that a woman is less likely to get pregnant because she's not aroused. Also, just how rare is it for a woman who is raped to get pregnant? I've read that 5 percent of women who are raped in the USA get pregnant. That's 32,000 women every year. But even if its 1 percent, that's between 6 and 7 thousand women per year. I wouldn't dismiss that figure.
I'm more impressed with this analysis than that of Mr. Deace:
All good points. But is Obama's campaign working? Rasmussen's latest tracking poll has Obama up by 2 points.
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Joe Biden Shakes Those Chains

Houster Wrote: Aug 18, 2012 8:39 AM
Mr. Blackwell points out the so-called "Southern Strategy" of Richard Nixon in 1968, never mind that George Wallace, at that point still a segregationist, ran as an independent and got millions of votes. To the left, everything the Republican Party did for civil rights in American history, including Abraham Lincoln, was tossed out the window once Nixon used his so-called Southern Strategy (i.e., appealing to allegedly racist white voters in the South). According to the left, the Republican Party became a racist party in 1968, and has continued to be so since.
Quote: "Again, what's your plan, Democrats? Mr. President? Anyone?" Mr. Benson, you should have added "Bueller?" at the end of the sentence.
"Vacillating Voting Morons." You've hit the nail on the head. For all the talk about America being a "Center-Right" country, I'm pessimistic about that assessment. I think we've moved over to a "something for nothing" country. And I believe its more likely than not that the large minority of "Vacillating Voting Morons" will re-eledt Obama. People love con men and love being lied to. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan may well tell the American people the truth. But can a majority of American voters "Handle The Truth"?
This whole Reid affair reminds me of Gloria Allred's charges of infidelity and sexual harassment against Herman Cain. So where's the lawsuit? Where's the Justice Department's criminal prosecution of Romney for tax evasion? This latest iteration reminds me of the old game show, "What's My Line," where the last guest would be a celebrity or otherwise well-known "mystery guest", the panel of celebrities would put on blindfolds, and ask up to 20 questions trying to guess who the mystery guest was -- with the guest faking his or her voice. For those who remember the show, I think Reid's source about Romney's taxes is Hermoine Gingold.
Two errors in Ms. Meinecke's piece: First, its Alan Nunnelee, not Nunlee. Second, he's from Mississippi, not Missouri.
O'Reilly also blew it weeks ago when he said that Republicans had no alternative plan to replace OTaxacare after they repeal it. I even Tweeted to him the link to the bill proposed by Representative Paul Broun of Georgia, a medical doctor. I never received a response. I guess O'Reilly thinks his ratings will remain high if he portrays himself as a maverick or contrarian on certain issues, regardless of whether his statements are true or false.
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And the Survey Says: Obama’s a Loser

Houster Wrote: Jul 27, 2012 12:36 PM
Obama may have more Democratic approval than Carter did, but a poll I saw this week indicated that Carter's 1980 approval rating among Republicans was 22 percent. Obama's current approval rating among Republicans is 10 percent.
Obama wants to "stand behind" small business owners. And then kick them in the a**.
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