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...and infinite time.
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Cantor Loses By 11 Million Voters

hotrod62 Wrote: Jun 12, 2014 7:12 AM
For the most part, Americans believe in laws and follow them. We pay our tickets, pay our taxes and try to do the right thing. I had a friend ;last week discover he forgot to renew his drivers license, all of two days. He was mortified and ran down to renew it immediately. Americans have a sense of fairness and see amnesty as a law breakers getting breaks. Maybe I want amnesty from my last speeding ticket, or amnesty from a late fee when I forgot to pay my taxes on time.
We thank Kennedy for public sector unions. Like Obama, he went over everyone's head with an Executive Order.
or.....they have been accused of some sort of impropriety.
She's a farmer. I'll vote for a farmer against a lawyer anytime.
If what you say is all true, and I have no reason to doubt it....your actions defined the definition of a "man".
I guess that means if Ben Carson is running for President, all of the white democrats voting against him will be racists.
Don't ask a kid to look at clouds and use his imagination if you are going to upset with the results.
Maybe it's too close in time and most of the family members are still in the vicinity. When did the Pearl Harbor, Arlington, and other memorial gifts shops open? How many years later?
Yeah...there is also the risk of lead poisoning.
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Minnesota Nixes 4-Day School Weeks

hotrod62 Wrote: May 15, 2014 10:58 AM
Of course students and teachers like a 4 day week, and there are savings involved in busing and heating, but a 4 day week means those days are longer and kids for the most part can't handle it. Not a lot of learning will be going on later in the day. My last period class is itching to get out and I can't imagine continuing the day with a couple of more classes.
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