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A Game the NFL Can't Win

hotrod62 Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 8:47 PM
I agree, but over time, more and more data will be collected from former players in the form of MRIs. Boston University is conducting a trauma study and many former players plan to donate their brains to the study. These studies will show major and "minor" changes that probably are more common than ever realized. Helmets will have to evaluated. All I am saying is that as the evidence of brain damage increases, so will the lawsuits, and pressure on the NFL to change the game, perhaps to it's detriment.

Professional football is the most popular spectator sport in America, which is one reason the Super Bowl is expected to draw 110 million viewers. With its famous athletes, storied franchises and lucrative TV contracts, it's an industry whose future appears limitless.

But football has a problem: the specter of mass brain damage among current and former players. So far, the steady trickle of disturbing revelations has had no apparent effect on ticket sales or TV ratings. What it has done, though, is more ominous: It has invited lawsuits.

If football falls into decline, it may not be the result of fans...
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