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Don't leave out words, makes you look stupid, oh yea, sorry.
easy fix , you have health insurance , keep it, you don't, get it, Plain and simple, period.
their subsides come out of our pockets ,plus you can't lie if your a normal worker with w-2 and a tax return, your income's right there, but I forget , most of the ones who are trying to sign up , don't have a normal job anyway.
It is becoming horrible, soon we will be a country ,not a nation, without ethics or morality, mark it, you'll see.
Watch the video.And I highly doubt if they were a support system, unless robbery justifies support.
I am sober minded ,well trained, licensed, and carry a gun, if I ever encounter what the Reading man did, there will be justice done right there.
Hard Knocks, only one way to interpret.
Can't say anything more, you are right.
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Immorality is Trending

hotdog55 Wrote: May 24, 2013 7:14 AM
He's on his way. With the strife and destruction happening in this land , and worldwide, soon the pestilence will start. Unless you believe the Bible to be "just a book"
yep, just like all of them, time will come though, by the way, look-up wife , " a married woman", married, "husband and wife" " having a husband "and" wife", not a wife and a wife, or a husband and a husband. So .........
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