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right, shows how stupid most dems are , a little tired of it also. hopefully we can get a good candidate to run in 2016. Hopefully.
Lesbians are "wife and wife" ( a married woman) ,homosexual men are "husband and husband" (a married man) per Webster's. Though only men can be "joined in marriage" it's still not the proper way, yuck.
don't worry, Oregon will be gone once He decides he 's had enough. Keep an eye on yhe sky.
Thanks , saved me from typing everthing.
I believe in the 2nd amen., but nuts should'nt have guns, period. They like to kill someone else, before they kill themselves, kinda justifies it for them, I think.
Acts, the old testament written by God, who came as his only begotten son, which was Jesus . Read it ,and find out.
There should be no minimum wage, people should be paid for doing the job right, not paying them for their inconveneince of being at work , as so many fast food workers think. See it all to often.
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'Duck Dynasty' and A Free Society

hotdog55 Wrote: Dec 25, 2013 9:32 AM
What Phil said was true, Maybe GQ shouldn't of repeated it,or print it. But it sure will sell magazines won't it. By the way two men or two women can't consumate a marriage , at least correctly.
Tell the school districts how many nuts you got living in the area, that would solve alot. But they won't, ahh poor nuts.
Don't leave out words, makes you look stupid, oh yea, sorry.
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