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Holder's Race Card

Hoss13 Wrote: Apr 16, 2014 11:19 AM
It's easy to assume that every failure and every slight in Obama and Holder's lives has been blamed on racism. Their narcissism and thin-skin leaves no other options.
The left couldn't care less. The Koch's think charity is what you do with your money to support a cause, the democrats think charity is what they do with your money to support a cause. They demonized Cheney as the devil, but he gave millions to charity. Meanwhile, the left has nothing to say about Joe Biden who gives away about $12.50 a year (but again, he's all for using your money, so that makes him okay in the left's book).
The leftie are still fuming that Rumsfeld basically called them a bunch of pu**ies when he told them that (their policy of) "appeasement is provocative."
I grew up in rural Indiana and the local DNR officers came in and gave us hunter safety education courses when we were in middle-school (public school).
The Obama administration just can't seem to nominate enough far-left radicals, can they.These guys are so far out of the American mainstream that moderate democrats have to be askng themselves what the hell is going on.
Well, if there's one thing a democrat knows, it's entitlement.
Why would you want someone to bake you a cake that doesn't want to. Okay, I'll make you a cake since the law is forcing me to, but you're not gonna like it. That's how that plays out.
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Greg Abbott Up 11 Points Over Wendy Davis

Hoss13 Wrote: Feb 24, 2014 4:28 PM
This is the same country that gave us Obama and his Kardashian presidency. Talk about somebody with a paper-thin resume.
I disagree, let the silence hang, let it hang and then people will usually end up saying something even more moronic.
Yeah, there must have been 12 billion people at that rally, because every time a leftist gets called-out he/she says she was at that Washington rally. Way to stick with that meme, lefties.
New Yorkers vote for these guys, and then they're surprised when they come up with this stupidity. I can't even gin-up any schadenfreude.
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