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The only reason she's down by 11 points is all of that out-of-state money flowing into her (so that she can produce this kind of drivel). But, what do you expect from someone who made her name pimping abortion (and who left her kids with a husband she was going to leave after she squeezed everything she could get out of him. Can you say white trash.).
George should have killed a cop like Mumia. Then he could give commencement speeches all day; everyone knows the lefties love them some cop killers.
So, let them have an unexceptional, unproductive, nanny-state America that they seem to want; it's about what 51% of the voters want now, and that's exactly what they got (with the lefties still working on tanking that free-market system). Funny how people whine and itch when they get a big bellyful of what they thought they wanted, too bad they have to drag the rest of us along with them.
I think the Republicans need to get much more proactive in using democrat tactics. I'd love for Republicans to use the power of government to punish their opposition, take any money through any resource, use hand-picked courts to bully and get pre-emptively favorable opinions, etc. Basically use the guerilla warfare tactics the left uses against them.
As hypocritical as Obama absolutely pledging to use public financing, until he realized he didn't want to do public financing. And the lefties having to turn a blind eye to his hypocrisy began right out of the gates.
Every time you read about something that Biden says or tweets, you lose 5 IQ points. It's absolutely true.
Who has he authority to arrest the governor in Texas? I'd just tell them to go pound snd.
Maybe they should have read it before they passed it.
The Democrat's America: break any law you want, just say you did it under the rubric of "social justice." You're welcome.
I'm a Larry fan too. But, when pro-amnesty advocates like him try to muddy the waters between legal and illegal immigration you know they aren't being honest brokers. Then, they do everything they can to skirt around what is left (for the taxpayer to pick up) if you allow an entire underclass of low-education, low-skilled workers to immigrate into the country. We have a generous welfare system and you know the democrats would never deny them access to all those taxpayer-funded goodies.
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