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Maybe they should have read it before they passed it.
The Democrat's America: break any law you want, just say you did it under the rubric of "social justice." You're welcome.
I'm a Larry fan too. But, when pro-amnesty advocates like him try to muddy the waters between legal and illegal immigration you know they aren't being honest brokers. Then, they do everything they can to skirt around what is left (for the taxpayer to pick up) if you allow an entire underclass of low-education, low-skilled workers to immigrate into the country. We have a generous welfare system and you know the democrats would never deny them access to all those taxpayer-funded goodies.
"Todd is a journalist" And I'm a ballerina. "Journalists" can't get out of their own way anymore in embarrassing the "profession."
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Bye, Bye California

Hoss13 Wrote: May 05, 2014 10:29 AM
Good for Texas, as long as those moving there don't bring their voting patterns with them. And yes, people are stupid enough to flee one nanny-state only to keep trying to turn the one they're moving to into a nanny-state as well.
Thompson is as ignorant as Obama: they think the purpose of the Supreme Court is to dispense "social and economic" justice.
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Will Dunbar Rise Again?

Hoss13 Wrote: May 01, 2014 10:54 AM
Crabs in a bucket.
"...(France) has a 75 percent top income tax rate and essentially zero economic growth. Is that the future American liberals want? Uh, yeah.
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Holder's Race Card

Hoss13 Wrote: Apr 16, 2014 11:19 AM
It's easy to assume that every failure and every slight in Obama and Holder's lives has been blamed on racism. Their narcissism and thin-skin leaves no other options.
The left couldn't care less. The Koch's think charity is what you do with your money to support a cause, the democrats think charity is what they do with your money to support a cause. They demonized Cheney as the devil, but he gave millions to charity. Meanwhile, the left has nothing to say about Joe Biden who gives away about $12.50 a year (but again, he's all for using your money, so that makes him okay in the left's book).
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