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You can't discredit with an ad hominem.
Please, just one example.
I would settle for just one.
Yes, because killing Bin Laden is great but having an American Ambassador killed is just a bump in the road.
Bolding doesn't change the facts that only Ford is making it on its own.
Bin Laden dead. Auto industry damaged almost beyond recovery, and you are still blaming Bush.
Yes, nothing like on the job training for the most powerful man in the world.
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Poll: Romney, Obama Tied in Ohio

Horribilus Wrote: Oct 20, 2012 4:16 PM
Polls are extemely importantant. That is why liberals go to so much effort to control them.
If what you say is true wouldn't raising taxes keep income at 20% of GDP and accomplish the income redistribution they want?
Steve, I don't disagree with anything you say except the deficit is clearly going down.
Again, I'm not a lib so you are arguing with the Choir, but the question that was asked was how can raising taxes on corporations and "the rich" lead to economic growth. They can, but only if coupled with non changing rules and regulations along with cutting or freezing spending. Deficits are outrageous but they are coming down. I'm a coach of many years and the first thing you do in any game is see how the officials are calling it. Then if you adjust better than your opponent you have an advantage.
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