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Glass Jaw O-ba-ma

HornIt Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 2:41 AM
I pray Hugh is right and I will celebrate vigorously if/when the national tragedy and disgrace that is Barack Obama is no longer POTUS. That said, I think we ought not start constructing in our minds a Mitt Romney that is not real. He will an infinitely better President than Obama, but that bar is so low, to steal an idea from William F. Buckley, so would the first 400 people chosen out of the Boston phone directory. If/when Mitt is elected, the work will really begin because getting him to reclaim and repair the limited government, fiscal responsibility Republican brand is going to be about as difficult as getting those 400 people in the Boston phone director to vote Republican.

If Peggy Noonan is correct, and the president’s performance in the first debate revealed him to be “[p]etulant, put upon, above it all, full of himself,” then the two weeks since have shown him to own what they call in the world of boxing, “a glass jaw.”

A glass jaw is the inability of a fighter to take a direct hit, one on the chin, a roundhouse. Once hit, a glass jaw boxer goes down and usually doesn’t get back up. If he does manage to get on his feet, he staggers around, lost and confused. for the rest of the...