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I live just south of Boehner's district from across the river. I'm not surprised that people from that area would vote in a mushy establishment guy.
Okay Paul supporters, now all you have to do is NOT THIS:
It certainly won't be a Reagan vs. Carter election, but I have a feeling it might still be good.
No amount of money could ever make me renounce my U.S. citizenship.
Romney cutting the kid's hair off happened when he was 17. That's 1964. What boy in 1964 could have long hair, let alone be openly gay and not get at least moderately hazed for it? Besides, if it was such a big deal then why did the kid's sister not remember it? Why did the kid's family say they were angry with WaPo for even writing the story, saying that the memory of their loved one (he died in 2004) was being used for political gain (something the left does a lot, i.e. Trayvon Martin)? PS - Obama ate a dog.
Adults volunteering for military service with the prior knowledge of quite possibly experiencing lethal events (i.e. combat) is not equal to murdering innocent lives not capable of defending themselves in any way possible.
I am 23 and still in college (studying network engineering/telecommunications). Although I am still forced to live at home due to financial inability to support myself, I am making progress. I suspect that my brother is secretly jealous/envious of my potential success and often makes subtle jabs at me saying that the reason I haven't made catastrophic financial blunders like he has is because I live at home with the support of our parents, not because I'm responsible and use financial restraint. To top it all off, he also believes in alien/UFO conspiracies, is a Ron Paul supporter (his main reason is marijuana issues), and cannot control his addictions to sex and expensive tobacco products. And he's just a OWS supporter, not a protester.
He is among the ranks of types of people that believe the economic crisis was caused solely by 1% greed, that high taxes aren't the problem (he sites Michael Moore's film 'Capitalism: A Love Story' that the richest were paying 90% income tax during FDR's tenure and were still quite comfortable), that we don't have a government spending problem, that corporations are obligated to give back to the community for supporting their business (goods and services rendered do not fall into this category), and that capitalism has ultimately failed and will continue to fail. He is also a person that cannot control his own budget; instead of saving money he wastes it on "wants" and not "needs" because of a "my life sucks so I deserve this" mentality.
My brother supports the OWS movement and he'll be 29 later this year. He's filed bankruptcy twice, is in thousands of dollars in debt, has been fired from two of his last three jobs for attendance and performance issues and quit the other one, has borrowed thousands from our parents and has yet to pay it back, and was on unemployment for over year straight bringing in $1600 a month (and didn't save a penny of it while living in his home for free; by result of defaulting on his mortgage).
Great! Just what we need is another conspiracy theory...
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