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Up-down policies that crashed our economy? Community Reinvestment Act of 1974 signed by Carter reduced regulations on banks and forced their hands to give mortgages to risky borrowers.
Ronald Reagan was a captain in the United States Army during WWII. Obama never served. And why on earth would we have a Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff if all we relied on was the POTUS and VPOTUS for defense knowledge?
Yes. Orrin Hatch won.
I think you meant "staved", not starved (beside the point). So by your logic, massively wasteful government expenditures staved off a crisis that would have been similar to the European financial woes that were caused by massively wasteful government expenditures?
So with those figures, Obama will have spent at least just as much as Bush in only about 50% of the time.
So Bush increased the national debt by your correct figure of 42.5% in 8 years time. That's bad, I'm sure everyone will agree. But Obama at 16.4%? Obama's increase in national debt by dividing $5.65T/$14.84T ~ 38.1% overall since 1980, with the 35.8% figure being the increase in debt from the total $10.1T starting in '09. If Obama wins the '12 election and we have 4 additional years of spending at our current rates, the debt will be approx. $21.9T in '16. $21.9T-$10.1T=$11.8T increase, a 116.8% increase in 8 years since Bush left office.
Who's teaching you your math skills? I bet it's the same people that calculate the unemployment figures. According to the US Treasury the national debt was approx. $908B in '80 when Reagan took office. Since then it has increased to approx. $15.7T. That's an increase of approx. $14.84T from '80-'12, not even counting the second half of '12. The national debt in 2001 when Bush took office was around $5.8T, jumping to approx. $10.1T in 2008 as he left office. That's a $4.3T increase over 8 years (42.5%!). So at $10.1T in 2009 when Obama took office, the national debt has increased to $15.75T. That's an increase of around $5.65T (35.8%) in 3.5 years.
Keep reaching, I'm sure there are some straws left!
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Boom: Romney Punches Back on Bain

hornedmilkshake Wrote: May 14, 2012 6:54 PM
Pat yourself on the back, you made me laugh!
I live just south of Boehner's district from across the river. I'm not surprised that people from that area would vote in a mushy establishment guy.
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