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Conservatives everywhere need to stand up to the bullies of the Left. When someone tries to call you racist, sexist, homophobe, don't run away with your tail tucked in. Scold them for their juvenile behavior. Name calling is not debate, it is the elementary school playground being brought into the very serious world of adult politics. Then hit them in the face with a (metaphorical) brick. Talk about how Liberals have destroyed the Black community. About how homosexuals have shut down Catholic adoption agencies. About how women have been taught to feel empowered by having doing porn or by wantonly killing their babies. Liberalism has ruined our culture, and most Conservatives let their fear stop them from saying a single word.
Yep, attack the DNC / Hollywood / Liberal Media on a cultural level, and then attack harder. Show the world what Gay Drama queens are like, Interview moms who aborted their babies and then suffered psychologic break downs, show coomercials with Maher saying "... a retard baby from her c---." We ned to fight and win the cultural war before we can compete in the economic/political war. And we need to fight like we want to win.
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Hollywood Won 2012?

Hope Springs Eternal Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 1:35 PM
Playing prevent defense in the final debate was only one of Romney's mistakes. Having a 'Mini-Me' as a veep was another. Mitt needed Condi Rice, though Herman Cain, Marc Rubio or Allen West would have helped, as well. Mitt should have energized the TEA party, Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannity's and Laura Ingraham's radio audience (to name only a few). Mitt should have refused to debate at all unless half of the moderators were from a Conservative news program. Mitt refused to debate any cultural issues, ceding every question to the Liberal Democrats. Mitt ran a weak reelection campaign leaving us holding the bag. If the RNC fails to learn how to campaign, the should get used to losing.
Mitt Romney, though a decent person, ran a handicapped campaign. He did not rally the TEA party, which is where the Conservative energy is. Also, I really like Paul Ryan, but as a running mate, he could not deliver a vote that Romney would not have gotten on his own. Romney needed a Condi Rice, Hermain Cain, Marc Rubio or even Sarah Palin. It was naive (to the point of hubris) to think that America would vote for two econ majors - even if that is what America needed. If we are going to cede every cultural battle to the Liberals, we better get used to losing.
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What's Next?

Hope Springs Eternal Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 6:32 AM
To paraphrase the Tea Party, "Regardless who wins, we will still have a lot of work to do." The real war is with the MSM / Hollywood. That beast will need to be slayed 1000 times before we can contemplate victory.
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Facing the Giants

Hope Springs Eternal Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 6:26 AM
"Where are all the maverick professors?" Bullies may be cowards, but so are those afraid of being bullied. It takes a lot of self confidence or a lot of self righteous anger before most people are willing to fight. We are in a cultural war. All it will take to lose this war is for good people to do nothing. (Thank you Dr. Adams for standing up.)
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A Tale of Two Presidents

Hope Springs Eternal Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 3:06 PM
Thank-you Michael Reagan for this very interesting, and very proud, moment from American history.
It will also ensure our cultural collapse. If the MSM and Hollywood are allowed to win, they will even more aggressively expand their intended destruction of middle class American values.This election has little to do with Obama. His abilty and his goals are an antithesis to America. He has already been regjected. We are now fighting the MSM and Hollywood. This battle will not end on election day. It will continue for a long time. Keep fighting the good fight. First stop Obama. Then it will be time to address the MSM/Hollywood behemoth.
ADR - I saw my mistake immediately after posting (I hate when that happens) and have been irritated about it all day. I looked for an edit function, but didn't see one. The word 'goers' should be deleted, x'd out or otherwise eliminated. Best regards, HSE
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Academic Malpractice Part 818

Hope Springs Eternal Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 11:06 AM
Per your article, students should be able to sue universities that teach them lessons that jeopardize their health and safety. I would take that a step farther. The theatre goers that prevented patrons from legally carrying guns should be held liable when they did not offer armed protection from a crazed shooter. If they prohibit self defense, they should be legally liable for providing it.
The RNC does not seem to have any desire to help restore Conservatism to our Culture. To Mitt, and company, it is all about the economy (money) period. The RNC has not realized, or more than likely, does not care about grass roots America. We care about more than our paychecks. We want God back in our country. We want our borders protected. We want a common language. We want our schools to reflect our values. We don't want porn, homosexuality and drug use crammed down out throats. We are outraged that science and scientific discovery has been corrupted. We are equally outraged to discover that the media - the fourth estate that is supposed to help protect our liberty - has been working against us for decades. We have much work to do.
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