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The Left wants a society of outrage and despair. One that is lazy and narcissist. The Left discovered in the 60's that they had a never ending supply of Useful Idiots by catering to 16-24 year olds. A group that believes everything it has been told by Hollywood since it was 5 years old. A group that has no historical context, and once it develops context, say around age 30, the Left drops it for the next generation. The Millenials are about to discover context via Obamacare. The Left has even convinced Wall Street that the most important TV market segment is the 16-24 year olds. We have a society that is intentionally juvenile. A culture that does not want to grow up and has no intention to do so because it discards those who are old enough to understand what is going on.
There's one or two that could pass for Chastity (or Chaz) Bono. Not sure what their gender is supposed to be but pretty sure they would pass a Barr Body test.
Ugly lesbian feminazi's don't want cute looking Conservatives on campus. Truly, I would have more pity for these horse faced girls, but the stench wafting from under their millinery is burning my eyes and overwhelming my sympathy.
"Man's mind, once wounded by a terrible brutality, never quite fully heals. There is a scar that lasts a lifetime." - Hope Springs Eternal Just because a mob is wrong, it does not make it less brutal. Actually it makes it more so.
The UNC should mandate that the Hard Right Conservative Republican organizations get equal treatment, respect and financial support as the Far Left Liberal Democrat receives from the student congress. They should tolerate no bias or prejudice against a student organization because it espouses Conservative values.
The Conservatives need to suck it up and stop folding like a cheap suit whenever anybody says Racist! Sexist! Homophobe! When they slap you as a silly little 'ist' smack them back with "Liberals have destroyed the Black Community.' "Liberals tell women they will be empowered if they kill their babies or do porn." "The Homosexual lobby has stopped the Catholic church from running adoption agencies. What will they stop next?" Never defend yourself to a Liberal. When they attack, you attack harder. The best offense is a great offense.
Conservatives everywhere need to stand up to the bullies of the Left. When someone tries to call you racist, sexist, homophobe, don't run away with your tail tucked in. Scold them for their juvenile behavior. Name calling is not debate, it is the elementary school playground being brought into the very serious world of adult politics. Then hit them in the face with a (metaphorical) brick. Talk about how Liberals have destroyed the Black community. About how homosexuals have shut down Catholic adoption agencies. About how women have been taught to feel empowered by having doing porn or by wantonly killing their babies. Liberalism has ruined our culture, and most Conservatives let their fear stop them from saying a single word.
Yep, attack the DNC / Hollywood / Liberal Media on a cultural level, and then attack harder. Show the world what Gay Drama queens are like, Interview moms who aborted their babies and then suffered psychologic break downs, show coomercials with Maher saying "... a retard baby from her c---." We ned to fight and win the cultural war before we can compete in the economic/political war. And we need to fight like we want to win.
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Hollywood Won 2012?

Hope Springs Eternal Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 1:35 PM
Playing prevent defense in the final debate was only one of Romney's mistakes. Having a 'Mini-Me' as a veep was another. Mitt needed Condi Rice, though Herman Cain, Marc Rubio or Allen West would have helped, as well. Mitt should have energized the TEA party, Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannity's and Laura Ingraham's radio audience (to name only a few). Mitt should have refused to debate at all unless half of the moderators were from a Conservative news program. Mitt refused to debate any cultural issues, ceding every question to the Liberal Democrats. Mitt ran a weak reelection campaign leaving us holding the bag. If the RNC fails to learn how to campaign, the should get used to losing.
Mitt Romney, though a decent person, ran a handicapped campaign. He did not rally the TEA party, which is where the Conservative energy is. Also, I really like Paul Ryan, but as a running mate, he could not deliver a vote that Romney would not have gotten on his own. Romney needed a Condi Rice, Hermain Cain, Marc Rubio or even Sarah Palin. It was naive (to the point of hubris) to think that America would vote for two econ majors - even if that is what America needed. If we are going to cede every cultural battle to the Liberals, we better get used to losing.
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