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A Lesbian who doesn't want children, doesn't want anyone else to have children either. She wants man to go extinct to save the planet... ? Can't we just execute all the Liberals/Marxist/Totalitarians and call it good?
I could not disagree more vehemently. Electing a Liberal or a gutless Republican who will twiddle their thumbs while our country goes down the drain is worse than a Liberal president. When a Liberal Democrat president fails, we (hopefully) will then get a Conservative president. When a Liberal Republican fails, it means we will get a Liberal Democrat president. We need to elect a Conservative warrior, one who is willing and able to fight Liberalism throughout our country. My favorite candidate at this time is Allen West, but I am open to lots of others.
Ignoring Conservatives = President Hillary? I could not agree more wholeheartedly... and I adore thatyou are addressing this to the RNC. The way to win an election is to get your base excited. If you do, the centrists and moderates will take note and climb on the band wagon. If instead you disillusion your base, the centrists and moderates will also take note that there is no band wagon to climb aboard.
Do I admire his courage, or puzzle over his idiocy? I am not familiar with what is or is not allowed in the Middle East, but if I had to guess, I would say insulting their political leaders and their faith is a bad idea. Even more so when you do it in their home. If you do not like or approve of a Middle Eastern country, leave. That is unless you are planning a coup. And if your coup fails (or fails to materialize) you will suffer the consequences.
When 9/11 happened I wondered why Islam attacked an American business center and it did not, instead, attack a Hollywood studio. It is not American business that Islam hates. It's American culture. A culture that is shaped by Hollywood. If I were Islam, I would attack Hollywood. I expected Hollywood to go to war against Islam as it went to war against Joseph McCarthy. An industry that buys celluloid by the ton can do a lot of damage to anyone, even the prophet Mohammed. Islam has now attacked Charlie Hebdo, an outgrowth or a reflection of Hollywood's entertainment industry. I might be mistaken, but it seems Hollywood (save for a few meaningless 'I am Charlie' tweets) is waving a white flag. Let's not offend the Muslims anymore, OK? So far, my favorite is Conan O'Brian who was so full of anguish that he could not even call the murderers 'Muslim'. They were 'some group'. Then, the very next day Conan opens his program with a joke about Pope Frances. The bravery in Hollywood is unparalleled in human history.
Still choosing neither. A man in a 3 piece suit gets drunk and walks home through the back alleys of Detroit, wakes to his face smashed in and his wallet gone. I feel for him, but it was his bad decisions. A girl gets drunk in a bar with numerous strange men, wakes the next morning having been violated. I feel for her, but it was her bad decisions. This is not a perfect world. Make good choices. Choose not to be offensive, or, don't come crying to me when there is a price to pay. I reject Hollywood's assertion that they have a right to be as vulgar and offensive as they wish. I reject Islam's insistence that they get to kill people who offend them. I choose neither.
I dunno. Feminists sue. Homosexuals sue. Blacks sue. Why not Christians?
If you walk up to a group of armed Muslims and start pissing on a picture of Mohammed, do not expect me to be outraged that they shot you. I grew up in an era when if you were an a-hole to someone you took your chances. The Hollywood culture has convinced the world that being vulgar, rude and obscene are a human right. I might beg to disagree. Others might disagree more earnestly. I am not Charlie Hebdo. I am Fort Hood. I am Daniel Pearl. I am Baga, Nigeria.
The Fortune 500 dictate terms in our media. They won't publish anything offensive to Muslims because of risk management. People could get hurt. Lawsuits would be filed. Insurance premiums will rise. Christians and Jews are fair game because there is no penalty. At least until some creative Christians start suing the networks and individual businesses for libel, slander and fomenting hate. (Though maybe not. Their lawyers probably like having to be needed.) Hollywood has led to a coarsening of our culture. Now the Hollywood community in the guise of Charlie Hebdo has been attacked and they want us to share their outrage - so they can go on attacking Christians and sicken our culture. I choose neither. I am not Charlie Hebdo. I am not Islam. I may, however, be Baga, Nigeria, Fort Hood or Daniel Pearl.
The reason I don't like Carson is because he is too nice. We need a Conservative who is part SOB to take on the Democrats who are vile. I expect nice people like Ben Carson will be tempted to sit down to lunch with the Left so that we will all get along. I don't want to get along with Liberals. I want them defeated.
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