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That's a good question. It's not looking to good. That is why obama got re-elected, (along with voter fraud!)
Sick! Just sick! There is a day coming when he, along with many others, will regret that opinion.
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Obama: I Do Skeet Shooting "All the Time"

Hope59 Wrote: Jan 27, 2013 5:20 PM
Don't let the smooth-talking Liar-in-thief throw you off. It's not about skeet-shooting Kenya boy, it's about defending our country against tyranny, such as yourself! The education system has obviously done a better job than I thought at breeding out the common sense in this great land. It's quite scary to think people follow this man around as if he is God. But since I appreciate the lessons taught in history, I can see he is more along the lines of Hitler. Hitler had alot of people confused as to what was truth. As a freedom and liberty lover, I hate that for America.
you have some serious issues.
Another Hitler has arrived. His name is Obama. But we are smart enough to learn from history.
You obviously know this from experience.
You better hope you're never at the barrel end of one without a way to defend yourself. How can you be soooo stupid. I suppose you're part of that generation that grew up with no common sense.
I only hope that she understands, when against the enemy and a barbaric one at that, it will not matter is she is a woman. The enemy will not show her pity because she is a woman and she will be required to do the same as a man. She won't get special treatment. If you want to think you are equal to a man then make sure you are in the line of duty.
Louso12013 where is your concern for the children massacred by the knife everyday in an abortion clinic?
Obama and his regime is the tyranny the founding fathers were concerned about.
Who pays to protect the president's children? HermanBB, your not very bright.
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