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Watch: Is There A "War on Women"?

Hope59 Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 11:13 AM
The "war on women"" is something that the Obama regime is trying to lay out there so Hillary can get elected as the next POTUS. Jesus Christ stood for women as being equal. We were created for special purposes. I think that has been tainted and left women feeling as if they have to prove themselves. There are so many confused as you can see in this video, like the lesbian and the black man who sounds like a woman, who are not thinkers on the issue and believe whatever they have been told. That's so sad.
Oh... so you can undo the SCOTUS decisions? Gee, why didn't a republican try to change the decision on the SCOTUS on Obamacare? Colorado must know how to pick em!
So typical. The death threat must have come from an intolerant Obama supporter.
Cindy isn't even sure who she is. Is she the woman or the man? And further more....who cares what she thinks!
A fence? Patrol it? Nah....that would help solve the problem and we don't want that.(that's a lib dumacrat response)
I've always wondered about the first family. It would not surprise me if they were handpicked and paid extra to "be a family". Sounds like something the left, un-American, Soros-like would not have a problem doing.
I am truly concerned for the future of my grandchildren.
Have you noticed that the important issues that we have faced and are facing in the nation and world, Obama doesn't do anything about, but these little trivial matters he's all over it and feels as if he has made America a better place for it? WE ARE IN NEED OF SOME SERIOUS LEADERSHIP!!!
This is idiot-only thinking! They do provide contraception options just not abortion (murder) options. Now how does that jeopardize women's health?
Is that a Muslim name?
I'm sorry....I am referring to the video of Obama.
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