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Let's stop teaching students to hate America in the education system. We have generations that now think that America is an awful country. It has been pumped into their minds from grade school through college. The education system no longer teaches accurate history. America has documentation to prove how we were founded and how great Americans are. Obama can't stand that. He wants to see us at the bottom of the food chain. Look at what he has done to us in the time that he has been in office.
Governor Kasich is an example of standing for nothing and falling for anything.
How about we quit defaming America in the educational institutions and remind students from K-12 and beyond of ALL the great things that people in America have done for this country and around the world. We don't go looking for trouble as other countries do, we use to stand up for the underdog and the suppressed, we give way more money away than we probably should, we provide all that come to this wonderful nation as opportunity to succeed and we even let the enemy come in and establish schools that teach hate to the same nation that provides them with the freedom to do so. And that is just the tip of the iceberg..... I do not like Obama's America...it's not the America that made us great and exceptional!
Perhaps we should start a "People for ethical treatment of people" or "The Humane for Humans Society of the United States" It seems like society cares more for the treatment of animals(less than one percent of its members revenue) than it does for human beings. How can the Creator not judge this world!
Seriously! I can't believe the lengths that people will go to. Is marriage between these two really necessary to accomplish their goal? I think not!
An honorable judge. Yes, they must be demoncrats wanting to impose their desires on law-abiding citizens.
Again, if Obama says it, it MUST be true. I am thankful to be a person who refuses to be led to the slaughter like much of America. Hail Obama! Give me a break!
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Angry "Moms" Start Kroger Attack Campaign

Hope59 Wrote: Sep 04, 2014 5:09 PM
A good aim is highly important when confronted with an idiot. A "no gun" policy is an invitation for disaster. Ask the latest victims.
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San Diego Man Killed Fighting For ISIS

Hope59 Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 10:20 PM
For years our government through the dept.of education has done it's best to teach Americans to hate and despise America and here we have it.....
Is everything and everyone in politics corrupt? It's tremendously disturbing.
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