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Obama Faces Defeat on Pipeline As Democrats Defect

lostallhopein2012 Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 8:33 AM
The scenario you describe is probably closer to what will really happen. The 'kool-aid kids' (aka Obama supporters) have no connection to reality and whatever he says they think is brilliant - and whats worse - they beliee is is true!

While much of the political world obsesses over Twitter fights and Seamus the dog, Barack Obama has set himself up for a high-profile defeat on one of the most important issues of the campaign.

The president has put his feet in cement in opposing the proposed Keystone pipeline, which would bring newly discovered oil from Canada to refineries in Texas. In a contentious debate, Obama has sided with environmentalists, who fear an accident along a line carrying 700,000 barrels of oil into the U.S. might threaten water supplies. But on Capitol Hill, more and more Democrats are joining Republicans to force...