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Vast Majority of Americans Want Spending Cuts

HoovervilleFollies Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 4:10 PM
"Maybe by then, conservatism will be put to rest like small pox." It's not conservatism per se that is the problem. It is the way Bircher-style delusional nonsense has moved in recent years from the political fringes to a dominant place in a one of our major political parties It's crippling the process of governing, but I suspect it will be a short-lived phenomenon -- in part because it appeals heavily to rigid, reactionary seniors who want be replaced in equal numbers by younger people.

The fiscal cliff deal reached yesterday with $41 in tax hikes for every $1 in spending cuts is far from what the majority of Americans looking for a balanced approach wanted according to a new Rasmussen Report. 

Despite the last-minute “fiscal cliff” dramatics in Washington, D.C., voters aren’t surprised by the outcome. A month ago, most voters said significant spending cuts were unlikely. Voters at that time were looking for a deal to reduce the budget deficit that included more spending cuts than tax hikes, but they expected the finished deal to emphasize tax increases instead.