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Rand Paul 2016?

HoovervilleFollies Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 9:48 AM
There you go, JRG3. Move the party even farther to the Right. Of course you'll just force more people who don't buy the craziness into the ranks of independents, or even into the evil Democratic Party. But think how righteous it will feel to go down in flames with "pure" candidates and a "pure" platform. In fact why not just chuck the Republican name and call it the Neo-Confederate Old White Guys Party?

Yes I know we are all thinking, "2016 already?" But yes, 2016 already. Senator Rand Paul is interested in a run for the White House when President Obama makes his exit in four years.

Rand Paul, a pro-life member of the U.S. Senate from Kentucky who is the son of former presidential candidate Ron Paul, says he is potentially interested in seeking the Republican nomination in 2016.

“That’s classified,” Paul told ABC’s Jonathan Karl when asked if he intended to run. “Am I interested and thinking about that? Yes.”

“I’m not...