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McConnell, like Romney before him, is being hit with some richly-deserved karma.
People who still see a Commie behind every bush should be careful who else they identify with hallucinations.
Can't be any worse than Huckabee's cartoon distortions of American history, right?
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Adams v. UNCW Heads to Trial

HoovervilleFollies Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 10:23 PM
I have mixed feelings about this. If Adams really has been discriminated against, based solely on an unpopular set of political beliefs, he deserves justice. On the other hand, after reading a number of his columns, I wonder what it is like to work around him. He apparently sees himself as a righteous crusader in a world gone wrong, but I suspect that his academic colleagues see him as something more like a horse's hind end -- unnecessarily abrasive, confrontational, and over the top.
"The left is uncouth and classless. " Uh huh. And the comment threads at TH are so full of "couth" and "class."
"We are in the last days...." If by "we" you mean the crotchety old white guys who are so much a part of the TeaBircher Right, you're probably correct.
Lois is one of the few posters around here who isn't a delusional twit.
"....and a press that refused to cover it." Of course you're absolutely certain that the endless right-wing dissection of the incident represents hard, objective truth.
Ever notice how when this perennial topic comes up, it becomes a question of party rather than conservative vs. liberal? Historically, racism in this country has been more associated with the Right than the Left, regardless of how political parties have evolved.
Ms. Brazile is an accomplished woman who probably has little time to post crude, immature comments at websites. And you?
It's stuff like this column that makes me wonder if there is ANY movement the TeaBircher ranks. Stop and think.-- Were posters here filled with dignity and decorum when Ted Kennedy died? I rest my case.
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