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"and the Confederate flag symbolizes a whole region...." Or at least the sentiments of a particularly backward demographic within that region.
"letting government educate future generations is a blueprint for slavery." Or at least a barrier against the history-distorting, science-denying proclivities of many Townhallers.
I love watching the Right expend so much of its considerable capacity for delusion on the hope that once Obamacare is fully implemented, the American public will just hate it and join in a call for its repeal. Of course what is far more likely is that the program will experience some startup gltiches (as is typical of new programs), but have a fairly favorable reception --but with renewed calls for a public option to help keep costs down. And in some states, there will be movements for broader substitute programs -- a process already well advanced in Vermont.
Some idiot in the Army goes off script and makes some hateful, stereotypical comments about certain groups. And of course the folks who spend their days at TH doing exactly the same thing -- making hateful, stereotypical comments about certain groups -- are more than ready not only to condemn, but to assume that the idiot in question is somehow representative of a broader policy. Par for the course.
“The Republican party is increasingly the last refuge of old, angry white people who don’t like what’s going on in this country.” Boy, isn't that outrageous? I'll bet its really going to rile up the old, angry white people who comment at Townhall.
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Poll: Reagan 58, Obama 42

HoovervilleFollies Wrote: Apr 11, 2013 6:17 PM
CLOSET MODERATE: Wingnutese for someone who exhibits occasional flashes of sanity.
Hey, I'll bet the vast majority of clergymen, engineers, farmers, electricians, and wingnut nitwits also attended public schools, Carlos. Your point again was......?
"Thatcher and Reagan are both given credit more as the years go by...." Or at least that's the impression someone would have if he limited his exposure to wingnut media. And that some narrow focus would prevent someone from recognizing that both Thatcher and Reagan were, in some respects, less extreme than the Tea-Birchers who want to deify them.
Oops, pamela left out the Illuminati. Can't have a good conspiracy theory without those guys.
Manchin is a liberal? Who knew? But then, to a Tea-Bircher, everyone to the left of John C. Calhoun is a liberal (or in Jerry's case, a commie).
McConnell, like Romney before him, is being hit with some richly-deserved karma.
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