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Yeah, I'm sure the ideal in these parts would be Lean Mean Killing Machines with the Beatitudes etched into their assault rifles.
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A Day Based on Misplaced Fears

HoovervilleFollies Wrote: Apr 23, 2013 10:03 AM
And by the way, being wrong on prophetic timing is nothing new. Remember those folks in the First Century A.D. who thought the Second Coming would pretty quickly follow the first?
The "date chosen because of Lenin's birthday" myth is just one more example of how fact-challenged bull pucky is granted eternal life in the Wingnutosphere. And by the way, anyone who subscribes to an ideology that calls on its adherents to deny and attack references to damaging environmental externalities is worse than a fool.
"Again, the MSM does not really know what is happening so they are just spouting off info that could be inaccurate." Kind of like TH wingnuts.
Wow, what a sweet gig. Hengler cues up a video sure to stir up knuckle-dragger hatred for the guy in the White House, adds a sentence or two to make sure that the slower elements get the point, and waits for a check. Wingnut welfare at its finest.
So, one guy at HuffPo tells Benson what he wants to believe about the Left and Benson goes with it. Just to broaden things a bit -- I've seen Lefty commentary in recent days about what a monster Gosnell is (certainly a sentiment I share). I've also seen a reminder or two that although the Gosnell case has been moving toward trial for some time now, the Right hasn't done much with it until very recently. Now suddenly it's a major, major story. One could almost suspect that there has been so coordination there, just as one could suspect that similar coordination was in play with past stories that wingnut media saw as holding high potential for agitating the troops.
Apparently Prager can't stand the thought of students being presented with so much blunt reality.
"tell a lie often enough it becomes truth." I guess that accounts for all the chain-email-worthy claptrap that gets repeated endlessly at Townhall.
Aside from some fringe eco-radicals and animal-rights extremists, there hasn't been much terrorism on the American left for decades. But of course you guys SO much want to believe that nothing has changed since the days of the Weathermen. And of course you're offended by the very suggestion that fringe right-wing groups pose any threat.
Look, everyone can appreciate Carson's inspiring life story. But that doesn't mean that mouthing right-wing platitudes will win him any respect among blacks who do, indeed, recognize "that the modern day GOP draws on support of people who hate him.” Furthermore, while his dedication to his religious faith (Seventh-day Adventism) is generally admirable, his acceptance of young-earth creationism is a ridiculous position for someone trained in science.
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