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Geithner to the Rescue?

hoots Wrote: Aug 25, 2013 9:20 PM
God help us.
The media has deemed this to not be a scandal. Ergo, it isn't. No one important will cover it to the degree that it will become as important as it should be.
Why not? It means very little now.
The whole thing is a disgrace. Rice is willing to take the fall. She is a true sycophant and wants the job. Nothing will come of this. The media will not do it's job. It will die the same death as the previous scandals.
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Herbert Hoover Obama?

hoots Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 6:28 PM
"Mr. Obama never mentioned spending cuts. Never. Not once. " What do you expect? He never will. Never has been in his options. Compromise is a one-way activity. I don't see why conservatives/Republicans should ever expect him to give an inch. Let the whole thing go down the toilet and let the whole mess be in his lap. But wait, I'm sure he will find some way to blame it on the Republicans. So the question is, Is there truly a way for Republicans to not be blamed for whatever problem happens? Unlikely, as long as the MSM is in the tank.
that would be a beautiful thing.
problem is ... the dummies in the big states may give him the election. if the popular vote is overwhelmingly against him this should not be a problem but with a close vote it may.
it's the electoral votes that count. the big liberal states need to be overcome. i'm afraid of another election where the popular vote winner is not the same as the electoral vote getter.
anything that isn't pro obama is biased.
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