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I am just curious to know if the US Military will try a coup to take back the leadership of the United States, and if so, will our dear main stream media report on it. Okay so it don't really think it would happen, but then again I didn't think we would have a President like Obama. Just 2 more years left....if we can survive it.
And we all know that giving in to a bully just invites more bullying with increased aggressiveness. The only way to stop bullying is to stand up to it at all times and in all situations and fight back. The traditional marriage advocates and heterosexuals outnumber the LGBT community by a large margin. We have to be able to defend our positions without getting caught in a shouting match. We have to get our message out instead of letting MSM prepare a message for us that is not ours.
Why don't we just apply this nonchalance regarding obvious fraud to members of Congress, specifically the Senate. I am sure the Democrat majority would not mind at all if their precious majority was somehow negated by a couple hundred rogue "Republicans". No need to actually track who votes and who doesn't, right? In fact, I don't think they would mind if we don't even check IDs of anyone entering the chambers. In fact that would probably be frowned upon.... you know, discrimination and all that.
I actually believe that everything Obama is doing is going as planned. How often has he actually stated his goals, and many people try to reinterpret his words to make it sound like he is mistaken or misinformed. If he is a socialist, and he believes that America should be taken down a notch or two on the world power totem pole, then he is doing exactly what needs to be done to attain that goal. Obamacare was designed to wreak havoc on the entire medical and insurance industries and pull more money out of everyone's pocket. It is, as he claims, "working the way it should." The non conservatives in America just need to wake up and listen to what he actually says, instead of believing in their heart that he is doing his best to help all of us. It is obvious to anyone paying attention that he has not intention of helping Americans, unless its leading us all to the poor house.
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The 'Fairness' Fraud

HoosierMacker Wrote: Mar 07, 2014 12:47 AM
I didn't realize this was an older article, but I will comment nontheless because of the importance of this idea. There are some facts in life that everyone has to accept. Life is not fair. Why?? Because each person is beautifully and wonderfully made by God Almighty. God gave each person talents, likes, dislikes, wants, needs, emotions, and souls. Each of these are tailor made for each individual. For this reason by itself, there cannot be equality among people. Equality is sameness according to most progressives and the liberal left. They don't realize that equal opportunity is more than enough for Americans. If people don't view a given opportunity with the same enthusiasm or sense of wonder or joy, then it certainly is not any government agency's or society's place to force anyone to pursue something just to up a quota.
Excellent insight into our President's faulty and failing foreign policy actions. This side of Obama is clearly visible with the naked eye to anyone paying evening a little attention. Obama never seems to be accepting of the reality that he is not always right. In fact, rarely has he been right on most foreign policy decisions. If the supporters of Obama would just take off their Obama goggles the may just see the light.
Considering that the Affordable Health Care Act is not affordable for most Americans and it is really about Health Insurance rather than health care, I don't believe calling it by its actual name is going to benefit the Democrats anyway. Good luck with this POS legislation, Democrats, you campaigned on it, passed it, and glorified it to the entire country. You are now stuck with the consequences.
Excellent points. Why is it that to be a liberal or progressive you must bend reality to meet your conclusion? How others cannot see the disconnectedness of their logic is beyond me.
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The President's Sinking Popularity

HoosierMacker Wrote: Dec 06, 2013 3:20 AM
well we know that this administration uses its power to punish its enemies....you just know they are trying to rig the next election....with 11 months left, i cannot rule out that they can do a lot of damage to the national and state election systems. I just hope that the will of the people is truly the ends result....
My only question is will Chris give him a blowjob before or after the interview.
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