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Obama Doesn't Care About Dead Children

hoosierheart Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 12:09 PM
It's fairly obvious that Obama really doesn't care about children, since he voted against giving medical aid to babies who survive abortion and since he jumps at the opportunity to use children to promote his own agenda. Neither does he care about the adult citizens of this country, since he works to saddle us with more debt and to leave us more vulnerable to our enemies (foreign and domestic). It's also obvious that the problem is not with guns, but with mentally ill people using guns. A fatal mistake was made back in the '70's to close down our mental institutions and thus put the mentally ill out into society. Time and time again we have paid for that mistake. It's time to rectify it and make it safer for rest of society.
Obama doesn't care about dead children. He's indifferent to the suffering of their parents. There isn't a single coherent argument on his side of the case. He lies about the issue. It's pure politics.

That's the way the dispute would be presented if Obama's opponents deployed the kind of demagogic language he slips on like comfortable loafers. Sounds harsh, doesn't it, possibly even racist? Funny how touchy everyone is about the way Obama is criticized but how indifferent most are to his low accusations. His opponents are always guilty of bad faith, whereas he is concerned about preventing children from being...