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You're so right! Too bad his mom was so busy doing soft porn that she couldn't take time to discipline him for bad behavior, and his daddy -- well, who knows? But he just might have turned out a little better if he'd received proper parenting. Now he's an out-of-control, damaged individual who really only cares first and foremost about #1. An adult behaving so childishly, arrogantly, and spitefully is not very admirable, even to those who formerly thought he was smart, cool, and the right color.
Note to Dingy Harry: Our Founding Fathers were called anarchists by the Brits. Their tremendous sacrifices gave us a brilliant Constitution and Bill of Rights and the finest country in the world, all of which you and your idiotic socialist cohorts are now working to destroy. A pox on all of you, and may God have mercy on your souls for what you are trying to inflict on your fellow Americans. Yes, we are your fellow Americans, though most of you are self-serving elitists who refuse to listen to us, believe that you know better than we do, and ignore the long-term effects of the convoluted legislation you fail to read yet vote to impose on us. Can there be any doubt why we don't trust you and why your approval ratings are at all-time lows? You are weakening our country and destroying our lives without giving it a second thought! And Harry Reid calls us in the Tea Party "anarchists." I wonder if he has any idea what a compliment it is to be compared to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, and all those great, far-thinking, amazing people who risked all to forge this nation?
Parents who have bothered to become informed about Common Core are justifiably concerned, and now they're finding that just like the socialized healthcare that was forced down our throats, Common Core is being forced on our children to dumb them down, rewrite our history, and turn them into obedient servants of our government. Both Obamacare and Common Core are evil planks in "transforming" America into a marxist regime where a powerful few have total control over the many, so if we don't take a stand to fight it now, while we are able, the time will soon come when we won't have the means to fight. Already, we are witnessing more and more instances where the elitists in places of power are openly lying to us, pushing us around, and using force against us when we resist. I encourage all who are not familiar with the short but enlightening book Animal Farm to read it; it's a dire warning of the fate in store for us if we don't wake up and fight for our lives now!
How odd. I too was thinking of Janet Napolitano and the Supreme Court. But my idea was that she should be hauled BEFORE the Supreme Court!
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Is Obama Good for Black Americans?

hoosierheart Wrote: Aug 24, 2013 11:13 AM
The simple truth is that Obama, who incidentally is more Arab than black, could not care less about Black Americans, but he is very good at using them to further his marxist agenda, to stir up animosity and bigotry against whites, and to brainwash them into believing it is industry's fault and not his own policies that they have such high unemployment. It is said that he was a community organizer, but the far more honest label was community agitator, and it's what he's still doing as president. Too bad more people don't have their eyes open to the truth. No, he is not good for Black Americans. In fact, he is not good for any Americans!
This administration is corrupt to the core; the core being Barack Hussein Obama, who needs to be impeached yesterday!
The same can happen in the U.S. if we oust our communists. This would be true hope and change! People here just have to use their brains before they vote and refuse to be enslaved to party, skin color, and propaganda. And of course we need to make absolutely sure our votes are properly registered and counted; that our military serving overseas are not disenfranchised; and that dead people, animals, and Disney characters don't get to vote.
We have a president who knows a lot about thuggery and shakedowns, and he's using government agencies to intimidate decent people. Is this the kind of government we want to live under? I think not.
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Falling Bridges and Wasted Money

hoosierheart Wrote: May 29, 2013 9:36 AM
We seem to have an endless sum of money for thousands of miles of expensive bicycle/jogging paths (but of course there will be no money down the road for their upkeep!) which are used by only a small percentage of taxpayers. Has money meant for roads and bridges been siphoned off to construct all these paths? It seems that our government, regardless of which party is "running the show," goes out of its way to misuse our tax dollars, then comes back demanding even more. This waste and refusal to properly prioritize our nation's needs is abominable to us taxpayers who struggle to live within our ever-shrinking family budgets, and it has to stop.
It's been over 50 years ago since I graduated high school. The dropout rate was low, and very few got non-passing semester grades. Emphasis in every subject was always on learning the basic skills, then improving and expanding our knowledge. Teaching to the test back then was unheard of; the goal was for students to actually learn and to understand what they were learning. Our teachers were around for an hour after school to help us if we were struggling with a certain subject and not getting the concept during regular school hours. Our textbooks back then were far superior to those my children and grandchildren used, and I believe this difference is really problematic for both the teachers and students. Why this change?
It's fairly obvious that Obama really doesn't care about children, since he voted against giving medical aid to babies who survive abortion and since he jumps at the opportunity to use children to promote his own agenda. Neither does he care about the adult citizens of this country, since he works to saddle us with more debt and to leave us more vulnerable to our enemies (foreign and domestic). It's also obvious that the problem is not with guns, but with mentally ill people using guns. A fatal mistake was made back in the '70's to close down our mental institutions and thus put the mentally ill out into society. Time and time again we have paid for that mistake. It's time to rectify it and make it safer for rest of society.
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