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The Feds' Intrusions Into American Farms and Families

Hooloovoo Wrote: May 15, 2012 11:08 AM
What it boils down to is where to draw the line. Should we trust the government to keep holding us in the palm of it's infallible hand, or should we trust the people to shift jobs, strike when opportunity arises, and make the best of everything for the good of themselves and the people as a whole? If the farms were to fall because the government pulled out, then people would start new farms because that's where the money would be. It would be worth it, financially and logically.

With Mother's Day right at our back, I want to address one of the most extreme overreaches by the federal government into American homes that I've seen in a long time. Then I want to call on my own 91-year-old mother, who was raised in rural Oklahoma and worked in cotton fields with her family during the Great Depression, to help set straight the rural farm and child labor record.

After a national decry by American farmers (and all of us who support them), the Obama administration has just shelved its plan to severely restrict kids younger than 16 from working...