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Sure looks interesting. What I find the most interesting is the missing amounts. For instance have you looked at what is being held out of your paycheck under SS, medicaid/medicare? Liars can figure and figures can lie. HKC
Well mshandy it appears you are a female low information voter. I don't suppose the following snipped I garnered from browsing the web, will enlighten you very much. The part in quotes dear, pay attention. "But while everyone is talking about the shoe, little is talked about what the woman also threw along with it: a copy of a Department of Defense document labeled confidential and dated August 1967; it referred to an operation "Cynthia" in Bolivia. Operation “Cynthia” was a Bolivian army maneuver to capture Argentinean doctor and Cuban revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara." HKC
It was federal reform of tort laws that gave us the current billing practices of the legal RICO profession. Allowing lawyers to take cases on a contingency basis. Previous to that it was loser pays and lawyers were very careful to only take the cases they were sure of winning. Those running to file lawsuits were also very careful as they were putting their financial health at risk. In effect there were no frivolous or nuisance lawsuits. HKC
Actually the winner who won with less than 50% of the vote will not step too far from the middle. Especially if they want to win again. HKC
I have been watching your snark answers to others after posting your own version of drivel. Let's take your above statement at it's face value and explore how one has to earn power by today's metrics. One earns political power by pandering to the voters. The one promising the most pie in the sky for want of a better explanation, will get the vote of the gimmies. A learned man doing research posited that a Democracy can only exist for a certain period of time. The time needed for certain conditions to emerge. The prime condition is the voting block must reach the tipping point of 50% of the voters living off the government. Last election a near 53% of voters derived their existence from fed, state, county or city government. Welfare, snap, teachers, firemen, police and the myriad of mice in the walls of gov. Guess who promise the most goodies? You win! It's the Democrats. Oh by the way his final analysis was that a Democracy always morphs to a Dictatorship. This country was founded as a representational Republic, under which only the stakeholders were allowed to vote. . When that hurdle was overcome the end was inevitable and we are in the end stages now. On my opinion the stage is set for the dictator to emerge within the next two or three presidential voting cycles. HKC
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Ducks May Be Done at A&E

HongKongCharlie4 Wrote: Dec 22, 2013 7:49 AM
Who is us! I'm curious as to who you are if we are focusing on you? HKC
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The 30 Best Quotes Of 2013

HongKongCharlie4 Wrote: Dec 22, 2013 7:25 AM
I disagree!!. Michelle Obama once had a job that was specifically created to get lower income riff raff out of the Hospital that employed her. Her job was to foist them on some other town, county or state. Often times to substandard help that led to their early demise. HKC
My solution is to keep voting Democrat. HKC
I just love these mindless statements. Having a nurse supervisor of large nursing home floor in the family sure educates one who can listen. Her major concern is that all those under her supervision keep the elderly patients hydrated! I repeat Hydrated!! Surely it's not beyond these trained professionals you are making excuses for. That is your intent isn't it? Making excuses? I'm not sure just what point you were trying to make. Care to elaborate? HKC
It works this way. You are switched to an approved plan and your new premiums are announced. Like it or not. Get over it. Mine was modified with less options. Premium reduced by $3.00 per month. Less options like losing my ability to choose my Doctor and given a list of HMO doctors to choose or else pay thousands out of pocket. I've lost my eye doctor and my dentist. Did I mention I will no longer have eye glasses as a benefit and my dental is reduced by half. Deductible was raise to $6,000 from $3000.00. But I have access to the pill, free. Abortion and full maternity. I'm a 72 year old male. HKC
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