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For the DNC's primetime "Super-Duper Spectacular Finale" the libs are going to perform a live televised center-stage partial-birth 1080 HD living-color! (no pun intended).
Somebody may want to advise Obama's campaign that to most Amercans, "to Swiftboat" means "to expose a coward and liar" they really want to keep telling people that this group is nothing more than "Swiftboat 2.0" for Obama?
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All My Exes Live in Texas

Honest Lib Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 2:28 AM
Doc Adams, I'm one of your greatest fans, but I have to call you out a bit on this one. Other than her scumbag lawyer and her clueless husband, you never actually mentioned or linked any specific groups defending her actions. Not going to argue that there aren't any, and I'd actually be surpised if there isn't, but if you're going to make this point, you should pepper your article with one or two examples.
Not "weekly".....daily
I remember many conservative websites stating the day after Ryan was announced as the VP candidate that liberals never have any legit arguments and reality works against them, so they are forced to paint all conservatives as Old (senile), Dumb, or Evil. Old and dumb obviously wouldn't work on Ryan, so the left was only left with "Evil". However, as you've demonstrated, it's going to take some extreme and pathetic BS to try to make it stick. Is this truly the best of your stock material?
Aura, you are so precious! You've almost got it....don't quit on us!
Aura, nuts come in all shapes and sizes. I can also find a few transexuals, union thugs, hippies, actors, drug addicts, prostitutes and bums who oppose Obama.
"you can't force me to answer"....."I'll get you proof later"....are you running for Carney's job by chance?
Will, I use to agree with your philosophy...maintaining the "above the fray" mentality. However (and unfortunately), in today's "low information voter" age, I've realized fighting fire with fire is the only way to get conservatives elected. The average voter of the 15-seconds YouTube generation doesn't possess the patience, nor intellect, to appreciate economics, national defense, capitalism, etc. Sitting on the sideline, with a clean conscience and clean hands, while watching your country go down in flames, is not much of a consolation.
re: You mean idiot. Learn business rules starting with don't bite the hand you feed (sic). Tell that to all your ignorant and unhinged statist actors in Hollyweird.
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Why Liberals Behave the Way They Do

Honest Lib Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 9:10 PM
"....fetal stem cells? Electric cars? Solar energy?" Not sure...are you being facetious, or did you drink a gallon of the kool-aid?
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