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Attacking Mr. Colbert is ridiculous. Colbert is a man with unquestionable Progressive/Liberal credentials. He proudly stands with other genetically privileged Americans who protect and defend the less capable and less intelligent minorities in this country. If not for fearless and compassionate Defenders such as Mr. Colbert, most minorities in this country would be condemned to a life of ignorance and poverty. By definition, it is impossible for Mr. Colbert or any true Progressive American to be racist. By attacking Mr. Colbert and other Protectors of minorities, you are basically attacking minorities themselves. ...and we all know what that makes you.
"If you don't eat yer hummas, you can't have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you don't eat yer hummas!?"
Wow....proof it's impossible to even make up evil worse than liberal reality.
Sing it sister! We'll run on a platform of abortion, abortion, and more abortion! See you at the Victory Party in November!
Bill is still a true red-blooded American. To save the DNC some much-needed cash, he has volunteered to share his room with Ms Fluke. What a trooper!
Hey, what's up with the friendly-fire brother? Bill "Kiss it" Clinton is my fav president! ...of course the bytches love him!
Nailed it!! Every time I take one of my bytches to the PPC, there's friggin' Reince Priebus with his damn hand out asking for another "donation".
So Exciting! Bill "Put some ice on that" Clinton leading the charge to defend all the poor womenz.
For the DNC's primetime "Super-Duper Spectacular Finale" the libs are going to perform a live televised center-stage partial-birth abortion....in 1080 HD living-color! (no pun intended).
Somebody may want to advise Obama's campaign that to most Amercans, "to Swiftboat" means "to expose a coward and liar".....do they really want to keep telling people that this group is nothing more than "Swiftboat 2.0" for Obama?
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