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GREAT need more like this start gun s afty as a class in schools
the man putin is no good but will say this he has more guts than are puney so called pres.and thats sad .
botox spewing agin my goodness sure is ugly
what she going do tell the kids what to eat and not what to eat wont work over there my goodness. these to think they can use us taxpayers for everything god help us all
another one on us taxpayers what for nothing and she does not mean a thing what good is it for.i hope the nest 2.5 years go by very fast.
muchelle looking a little large in that pic maby she should try eating that scchool lunch that she is pushing all the time or lay off the twinkies
IVE READ A LIttle about obummer and i have read a little on a man called hitler enough said
wait a minute i am from washington and i sure has hell did not vote for inslee i ama true blue conservitive but i agree the people that voted dumnocrat deserve what they get.love the state not the dumnocrats our anyone with a d behind there name.
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