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I think it's really important to choose primary candidates from purple states. Way too many candidates (and voters) from red states don't grasp the reality of having to appeal to undecided voters and potential crossover voters. They just don't have experience in that department. This is true of political advisers too. Sure, it's nice to have it easy in a red state, but that doesn't prepare you for the presidency. They're right about being for something rather than against something. People want to have clearly defined, different choices when they vote. If they don't have something to vote for, you end up relying on the "voting to block the other guy" mindset which takes far more motivation on the part of the voter which means it appeals to a smaller percentage of potential voters. Like it or not, that's the reality.
I'm guessing Sony, a Japanese company, might be "saving face" if the hackers are Kim's and they have something potentially embarrassing on Sony. Other countries are culturally different than the US and value things other than free speech more so that has to be factored into their motivations and responses. Cyber-warfare can be very costly and destructive not only to companies, but if they have very skilled hackers, they can cause all kids of very serious trouble for any person or company or economy or government that does electronic transactions and electronic data storage. The more dependent we are on electronic trade and the better hackers are at getting through electronic security, the more vulnerable we are as individuals and nations. You cannot talk about North Korea militarily apart for their allies. China is their most noteworthy one. Alliances are designed to be deterrents. Kim is a 3rd generation tyrant. He's been isolated from reality with his absolute power from birth. Who knows what someone like that believes he can do. That makes it harder to predict what he would do.
You also have to ask yourself what options are available to young adults other than college. If you don't have much need for highly skilled labor like carpenters, electricians, machinists, medical technicians, etc. or moderately skilled labor like those trained on the job for certain manufacturing and other jobs, what is everyone without a degree going to do to support themselves and their families? So many college degrees with decreasing employment options are already creating bubble that will eventually burst. The debt load to potential earnings will just get worse as subsidized student loans match the increasing costs of higher education. With increased technology we're requiring fewer boots on the ground so the military is very selective these days. Then factor into the workforce anyone who came here illegally and stays. Where will all these children in school now find work in the future?
Here's a short explanation of why some conservatives oppose vouchers: http://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/why-some-conservatives-oppose-vouchers
You can read the study on vouchers and tax credits and increased regulation in private education for yourself: http://object.cato.org/sites/cato.org/files/articles/coulson-journalofschoolchoice-june-2011.pdf
Oops, and I left out the mixed race adults I personally know who have had a wide range of experiences that indicate that there are issues to be addressed. They've been dealt with successfully and they're thriving but those issues make significant demands of people.
Please explain to me your background that supports your expertise on this subject. I've read literally thousands of pages of studies, first hand experiences by adult adoptees of all ages and origins, books by attachment therapists and other trained medical professionals who work with adoptees and their collective experience indicates that there are. Not insurmountable ones, but real ones that have to be dealt with none the less. Your inexperienced "nuh uh" just doesn't mean much compared to that.
I think important issues are being ignored so the author can pat himself on the back for not being racist. 1) People pay big bucks go to a sperm bank and look thorough catalogs of men so they can make a selection based on very specific criteria. While I don't approve of it, I understand that failing to deliver the product specifically chosen is like fraud and it doesn't surprise me that a lawsuit would be required to force change. Fraud tied to creating their child is something you can expect people to have a very strong reaction to. 2) As the Caucasian parent of two biological children and one child adopted from S. Korea, there really are additional issues that a child in an interracial family has to do deal with that children who are not part of interracial families (biological or not) have to deal with. There are additional parenting issues that have to be dealt with. Good adoption agencies not only prepare parents for it through hours and hours of parenting classes, but screen out parents who have any ambivalence or underlying discomfort with it because they're morally obligated to do so on behalf of the children they place for adoption. Few things would be worse for a mixed race or different race child born or placed into a home where not everyone is happy about it. THAT'S what this lawsuit is probably really about-avoiding that kind of nightmare for some poor innocent child in the future stuck with a parent(s) who aren't OK with it unlike the child in this article whose parents are OK with it. 3) I relactated for my adopted child with the help of a reporductive endochronologist at a fertility clinic. As a paying client we were added to their annual picnic in the park list. OF COURSE we didn't go. Can you imagine the assumptions that would have been made about our situation? Few Americans even know relacatation is possible for adoptive mothers, and fewer know the process can be done faster with hormonal treatments that can be provided by fertility clinics. People at that clinic picnic would've assumed there was a mix up with sperm and that would've reflected VERY badly on the clinic. I'm completely OK with adoption and we chose not to hire a surrogate to carry a biological baby for us and adopted internationally instead, where as people screened out of that process or who choose not to take that route should have other options, including those that allow people to choose their sperm donors even if their mindset annoys me.
Where's the rest of the article? You know, the part where he stops defining the problem and gives practical, specific, concrete solutions? It's easy to preach to the choir in platitudes and abstractions. Americans seem to like that. What's not easy is looking at what, if anything, actually works on a large scale and how exactly individuals can do that on a day to day basis, if the problem can even be solved by individuals. Then there are all those pesky rights individuals have when it comes to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and there's little others can do about those who choose badly. You know, all that stuff every society has always had to grapple with. Last time things got significantly better was during The Great Awakening. That happened in the churches, not at the ballot box or through legislation in Congress. It requires regeneration by the Holy Spirit. I can't make that happen for others. I can only be a witness to how faith in Jesus Christ did that for me. Even the disciples had to dust off their sandals and move on when people didn't respond to the gospel. What else can we do? If we get outer conformity without inner transformation, we're encouraging Pharisees, or as Jesus called them, "white washed tombs."
For the record, there is a spectrum of courtship practices in the homeschooling community. The Duggars are close to the extreme end. Don't assume everyone who courts does it the way they do. My girls aren't courting so I don't have a dog in that fight but I point it out because it's such a foreign concept to most Americans that I cringe thinking most people will assume the Duggar version is representative of all courtship. There are articles coming out online about the serious downsides to the more extreme versions of courtship by those who lived it. Understand that there are milder and much milder versions to choose from. As far as I know the Duggars are using Switched on School House which is private school online at home. This is legally homeschooling but most homeschoolers do the actual teaching themselves. Private school online at home is a wonderful option and so is public school online at home and charter school online at home, but we have too many new homeschoolers coming in thinking that this is the norm for homeschooling. It's not. If you plan to homeschool you need to be open the option of doing the teaching yourself because you have more flexibility and choices that way. Packaged schooling in whatever form-complete curriculum in a box or complete curriculum online works for few people. Most find they have to make adjustments over time in multiple subjects to meet the needs of each individual child.
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