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Report: Security Clearances Revoked, Criminal Charges Pending For ATF Fast and Furious Officials

HomeschoolEducator Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 9:12 AM
Courtesy of AWLaBored: "As a retired employee of the Federal Government for 27 years, I paid in to my retirement fund with every paycheck. Not one cent of Taxpayer money is involved." Actually, genius, as a Federal Government employee for 27 years, EVERY DIME of your paycheck came from taxpayer money. If you had any idea of how the government worked, you would know that there are not profit-making pieces of government; the only way that government gets money is through taxpayer "contributions" called taxes, fines or other fees. So, as a taxpayer, I don't want MY MONEY going to the full retirement benefits of a bunch of CRIMINALS.
Bigdogoffthechain Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 10:07 AM
Federal employees are taxpayers. When a citizen pays taxes, the money is no longer yours; it belongs to the treasury. The Treasury then purchases goods and services to make government work. Federal employees provide these services for which they are paid a specific wage. From this wage, federal employees pay taxes and set aside portions of their wages for retirement. Accordingly, their retirement funds are their property, free and clear. As tax payers, these employees are, like you, providing the government with revenue. These employees pay their own wages in effect.
theabnranger Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 10:27 AM
But there are way too many of them. The way federal job positions are "justified" is generally not suprevised well, so relatively lame, low-value jobs are added. Bad economics. And the federal workers must have their benefits brought to the same levels as in the private sector for similar work. The protections of federal positions and people in them are very, very strong. That is a benefit which should lower compensation somewhat for those doing what private sector people perform. Even moving expenses need to be brought to levels equivalent to what the military get when they are offered or ordered to change station. At almost every turn, the federal workforce gets benefits with no downside risk.
Bigdogoffthechain Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 8:37 PM
Actual numbers mean little. What is important is what is being accomplished by the employees. With ever-tightening budgets, position justification is closely monitored, as is retention. There are very few "lame, low-level" federal jobs, whatever that means. How this effects economics you failed to state. Federal employee benefits are on par with the private sector and they are paid for by the employee. The protections for federal employees are the same for private sector employees as the same federal laws apply. Why this should somehow this should affect compensation is beyond my comprehension.
Bigdogoffthechain Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 8:39 PM
Moving expenses are just that and are often not offered for moves. At almost every turn, the federal workforce is a highly qualified, degreed, experienced workforce with a strong veteran presence within it doing some very important work to make government operate. Clearly, your views on the topic are without merit and frankly, you really don't know what you're talking about.
analbandian Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 9:04 PM
Bigdogoffthechain you just proved to the world that you don't have a clue about ECONOMICS. Keep that gov job Spanky because you will not last long in the real economy ..... you know THE PRIVATE SECTOR where government gets every dime of money some of which is used to hire know nothing, do nothing idiots! If the shoe fits then wear it. You earned your DUNCE Cap. Might be a good idea if you just keep your mouth shut. No sense proving to the world exactly how much of an idiot you really are. Let them guess!
Lance8762 Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 9:25 AM

Washington D.C. - According to credible ATF sources, officials heavily involved in Operation Fast and Furious and named as partially responsible for the program's failure by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz and the House Oversight Committee have been stripped of their government security clearances while some have been fired, demoted, and transferred. Criminal charges are also reportedly pending.

Former ATF Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Field Division Bill Newell, former ATF Special Agent in Charge of Operations in the West Bill McMahon and former Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Field Division George...