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And, yet, his idiotic constituents will vote him back into office without batting an eye. The blind being led by the evil. Reminds me of Tash in CS Lewis' book The Last Battle.
Not only do they earn 6 figures, they earn it for life once they have been "vested" in their golden parachute pensions. The most telling part of this socialist's remarks is where he admits that members of Congress are seen as underperforming, but they should be paid more anyway. Sounds like a number of members of the NEA that I know.
I will respectfully disagree with the premise that the magazine apologized. Ebony merely tried to sweep the issue under the rug with as little fanfare and acceptance of its employee's actions as possible. The kicker is the statement that Mr. Williams was "misidentified, unintentionally" as being white. Really? I don't, for one second, believe that the identification - whether correct or incorrect - was unintentional. It's simply another case of the "if you don't agree with me, you must be a racist" mantra from the liberal propaganda machine. If the editors at Ebony had any real spine, Jamilah Lemieux would have been fired immediately. When people aren't held accountable for their actions, we get into the mess we're in right now as a country.
Actually, in a backdoor way, he is blaming Bush. See, if NCLB had actually produced children who knew how to operate a computer...(note, extreme sarcasm was used in this post)
Actually, I wonder why-oh-why anyone votes for his party...and then I come to realize that he's actually right about a large number of's the only plausible explanation.
Just another example of liberal "do as I say, not as I do" theology.
If these people are indeed atheist, then there is nothing to feel threatened by. They don't believe that God exists, thus his Christ would not exist either. See, problem solved. However, the mere fact that they call themselves atheist and call the posting a threat means that they do believe there is something that is threatening them. Thus, anyone who calls themselves an atheist is simply an oxymoronic liar. Humanist is more along the correct lines and, even then, having set oneself up as the center of the universe demonstrates a personal belief in the god of self...thus negating the atheist name again.
Looks like the FBI forgot the current murder capital of the by Mr. Chief of Staff Rahm himself.
Somebody needs to read Dobson's "Bringing Up Boys." It's not a "religious" book, people, it's a book about the psychology of boys which happens to be written by a Christian. In the education system, we're so involved in the psychological issues that surround "education" that we have completely "left" out the psychological pieces of what it means to be either male or female. (pun completely intended)
I am not ashamed of my country. But I am ashamed of those who would dare to call themselves elected leaders.
Everything else about his presidency is based on fantasy, it's nice to know that rag known as the WaPo noticed the fantasy of his foreign policy.
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