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Paisley referred to his dad as a "right wing nut job, like yourself" when talking to Hannity. Never did he say anything about a conflict. Read the transcript before you start bad mouthing someone, genius. http://nation.foxnews.com/brad-paisley/2011/07/09/country-superstar-brad-paisley-hannity
And you know this how? Just because they are celebrities, they aren't necessarily liberal. They're both registered as Republican, so I'm pretty sure you don't have a clue about anything in life.
Does this mean what I think it means? Will the Senate actually put together a budget next year?
Leave it to libs to neglect the real issue for their own pet-projects. The problem is not the weapon, it is the mentally unstable individual who has used it. And why are those people mentally unstable? Many different possible causes come to mind, but you can bet that several of them are directly related to "progressive" ideas on things such as education, parenting and personal responsibility.
Remind me again why the attorney general hasn't been removed from office...oh yeah, it's because he's the president's lap dog.
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Marking The Anniversary…

HomeschoolEducator Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 12:18 AM
We've had 2 presidents who did not serve this country in the military in some sort of manner - Clinton and Obama. Guess which two have done the most to handcuff our military and have made some of the worst foreign policy decisions...
According to most libs, 9/11 never happened, it was a targeted destruction by President Bush to draw us into a war.
Somebody tell these fools that Constitutional rights are granted to citizens of the US, not general rights to the world as a whole. Of course, they don't care about the Constitution anyway, so what difference does it make...
The only thing bogus or wrong is the idea that this president understands the concepts of reality or truth. Just like most morally relativistic liberals, he believes that reality and truth are what he decides them to be. Woe to you, Mr. President, woe to you. (Isaiah 5:20).
As a Colorado citizen, it is very unfortunate that there are enough lemmings in Boulder and Denver who will return Udall to his seat.
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