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Run for the hills, it's an opinion poll.
Thot the same of how immense the hypocrisy is. Dan had to endure a firestorm over a Tomato (e).
Denver Post reads that Aspen is upset at his security costs. You could have told him to stay out of Colo. you know.
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What Broke the Job Market in America?

Homernods Wrote: Sep 21, 2014 8:27 PM
At least one columnist is talking about unemployment. It's actually at 23 % and one would think we're living in the Reagan era - all rosy. Yet the voter is so pacified they're going to re=elct the same old socialist dims ? ( see the Derek Hunter blame here ). I'm tired of thinking about what a nation of uneducated, apathetic , lazy worthless dolts we've become just since the end of WW11.
Bingo, a Boehnerette. His pal Henry isn't far behind. Earlier I get flack about percentages. If they wish to argue with Rush, call him. Everyone has an opinion, just like an ***.
Where did you get this 25 % " fact " ?. The better part of the country is conservative, and only vote GOP because there is little alternative. You put Ted Cruz to the front and he'd whitewash your Bush or any other GOPher you'd drag in.
Well, there are certain states that are full of idiots and Ohio is one. The talk of secession is no longer considered a wacko foil hat idea, but the only serious, feasible way to regain what remains of our country. In other words, if you can't beat 'em, then leave. We can't change the minds of the socialist states, so let them fend for themselves. If it can happen to the USSR, it can happen here.
No, he's a Boehnerette.
Just reading the headline burns me to a crisp. Boehner should have been fired. He's a lousy RINO who has never met a liberal he'd wouldn't play golf with. The nerve to criticize Ted Cruz was his opening salvo and he's just started with amnesty. They've already begun sabotaging the election and handing it to the enemy. We're this close to a one party system- socialism.
Can anyone with half a brain believe it ?. A "Community Organizer". And he's still in the whitehouse. Putin must laugh at our dilema.
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