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" fearful of anything that would be attacked " is what Rush has been saying. That attack would come from media. Just today media used the word " controversy " over whatever Scott Walker said. They learn attack in socialism 101 in any Uni. Look, Chicken Little speakers, the media would attack you if you say the sun comes up. I'd bet we put Jindal in there and he'd punch Reid into next month. Time to attack back.
You got it, that's all there was to it. The two ' leaders ' simply CANNOT stand at a podium the way Pelosi does. They refuse to stand up there and speak, bypassing all the media musings.
We call them the gang who can't shoot straight , aka the gang afraid of Katie or Matt, the Mutt and Jeff, Ralph and Ed or Laurel and Hardy of the gop. We knew for fact they'd keep cowing to their masters- the socialist party, not us, and cave so hard we hear it back home. If this weren't so disgusting and frightening, it'd be funny.
This tin horn dictator isn't about to stop. On internet control, we read he said " I've expanded my authority ". We have two unbridled years of this if he's not stopped, and the opposition party doesn't exist. We're at the end of our rope and the gop is tying the loop.
Everyone knew McCon's record when he was up for his millenial re-election. We knew that the fossil would not change his spots and he hasn't. Granted Kentucky had to choose between him and another poor choice, but that doesn't mean he should be speaker now. Ditto Beyonder. One tragedy is that the race is almost over before it started. The gop deserves to lose as a ' party '. The other tragedy is we may never have a two party system again.
Pardon my lack of quote or author, but he was foreign. He said we'll have a republic until politician's figure out how to buy our vote with our money. Myself and like-minded conservatives woe over why the Founders didn't insist on term limits. I'm afraid the only way to break this ruinous government re-election cycle the Founders did NOT intend will be a violent episode they DID forsee.
The Constitution says we have the right, better still, duty, to get rid of unworthy public servants. Day after day we read about the top perch occupied by one who is so deserving of firing. Instead of whining, Barone, why won't you come out and demand we GET RID of this treasonous imposter ?. It's time to either fish or cut bait.
And how. I've said that about countless different photo's. If we don't get rid of him now, I'm actually frightened for our country.
" Let's get this up front right now. I'm NOT a Bush, er, in the sense not like the other politician's in my family. I have my OWN agenda ! ". Thanks for setting us straight on that.
You can take it to her bank. The whole ' minority deserves a chance ' routine was proven a collossal failure with the first black boob socialist dictator of America. She'd prove no less incompetent. No wait, she already has.
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