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Lehmberg will remain the mugshot star. Her performance was Emmy material. Only Lerner, wishfully, beat her out.
This coulumn started out waffling and then barreled into the dirt. " Democrats can be quite monolithic and uncompromising " , wrong, they ARE, not CAN, especially senators. The senate has shut down congress. Until the voter shuts down, fires the senators, all talk will remain just that.
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The Ferguson Feeding Frenzy

Homernods Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 7:43 AM
".....keep doing the same thing over and over ". These faux ' journalist's ' keep hammering us with oh so politically incorrect treatment of the poor black man. From Rodney King to Trayvon Martin, none were a rush to judgement, the Tea Party REALLY WAS the culprit, we just couldn't prove it. The credibility of ' news media ' is a joke. No wonder they rank as # 21 in truth and accuracy.
David, yest. your brother was asked if indictment could be done to the governor, why not our King ?. Rush had to think on that a second. What we have in DC REALLY IS a crook, albeit a fast talking one.
Partly why he threw that baseball like a girl was that he was wearing a bullet proof vest. That's what I read. I wonder what Vegas has down..
Just as we had some fresh air with him gone, the smell of a brown pile returns.
And the ' racist' card is waved whenever. Do we as whites see someone black first or someone who's simply a waster ?. The so-called white trash and the no mercy ' redneck ' don't get any respect when they wish to live that way. Exactly, Asians come here to succeed and do so because they apply themselves, without the I have it so bad excuses..
Wholeheartedly agree. Reading the headline, I assumed someone would finally have the nerve to say it - welfare - but this klown just digs in deeper. They live in a different world because they don't have morals, education, principles or must fend for themselves the way their Grandparents did, or us taxpayers who have to support them. Nothing but time wasted on their hands. MLK didn't expect this scenario, didn't ask for it, just the opposite. What we now have are an animal that's so used to being taken care of, it would die if kicked out. THAT is what should be said, author.
You should stop wasting time here and begin biting your nails over your Queen Baraq. This Texas nonsense is a picnic in comparison.
Forget this read, Rush will explain what we already know. The whitehouse has become so unafraid, it's trying to take on anyone it deems a threat to upcoming elections. Some liberal crone lawyer is too willing to cooperate. This is going to backfire right into their face. Texas won't stand for it, they love Rick.
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