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What O'Bummer needs is a powdered wig - no more gray dye and it would fit well with his kingly demeanor.
So you're getting it - that your president doesn't. So what are you going to about that?. He's on the verge of accomplishing his task- sending the greatest country the globe has ever seen- into the toilet with all the other bananna republics, and you're going to say " He doesn't get it ". May the people vote for their lives and send these boobs a message - here's OUR message " YOU'RE FIRED ! ".
Simple- new voters. He had his pelosi kicked out and he wants her back so he'll have a tamper proof congress to finish us off with next two years. These illegal " kids" from the south have parents. Those parents will be allowed to vote because King Zero is now saying so. This run amok American dictator is sticking his skinny neck wayyy out...
The new party animal logo > a Chicken. Elephant just has too many negative connotations.
You're not mad at her but the spineless 'Pubs who didn't object ( except Newt ) and get someone neutral and unbiased. Their party logo animal should be a Chicken, not Elephant.
That's what happens when you guess. Dingy should be in jail. Pelosi in a sanitorium. But they belong to the socialist party, and that's not the subject here.
David, exactly why if this country is going to get turned back on course, the GOP as is must be defeated just like its counterpart" across the aisle ". One herd in two corrals. But the GOP corral holds the dumbest, stoopidest, most worthless. Bayner isn't qualified to even BE in congress, much less any position of power. We finally ditched Canter, but the entire pen needs to be emptied, and this fall isn't soon enough.
Even the socialist liberals are fed up with how rotten our country has become with his ' leadership'. We're in a malaise that borders on suicidal depression. He wants to turn us into a ghetto and is accomplishing it. No surprise today he's going to try and relocate illegals right into suburbia to move along the ghettoization. No, CNN, one third wants him dead and one third would settle for him just gone.
Forget Washington, Pa., he's a lost cause.
The GOP is as invested in money as much as their counterpart, only they're not crooks. Reid however is so crooked, he has to screw his socks on. The poster boy of why we now have what we have in congress. But Rick below is right and it's the only answer to what they are once greed has beeen satiated- power. They are powerful. You criticize a senator and you'd think you offended Stalin. And Michelle, investigate how much money is funneled into enviro groups. It is stunning, and they give to the socialist party.
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