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Petraeus’ Biographer Under FBI Investigation For ‘Improperly Trying to Access his Email”

homernoble Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 10:52 PM
Affair? Clinton got his willy diddled by a White House aid in the White House and then the democrats appeared with him at a presser on the lawn of White House supporting The Clinton Lie and attesting to Clinton's sterling character. Most all liberals are corrupt and without a sense of morality.

David Petraeus cited an ‘extramarital affair’ as the reason for resigning from his position as director of the CIA. A lot of questions are being thrown around tonight, however, about the timing of this bombshell after learning that he was supposed to testify before Congress next week on Benghazi. Is there a connection here or is it really about the affair? More from NBC on the latter:

Officials told The Associated Press that information about the affair surfaced over the course of an FBI probe. Meanwhile, law enforcement sources told NBC News that the FBI...