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Have someone put this creature in a strait jacket and have the Air National Guard air drop him onto the minaret of a mosque in ISIS held territory and he can give the call to prayer for his muslim brothers.
It's the basis for a new movie: If You Lie, They Will Vote For Us. A stunning cast of truth tellers: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Joe Biden Nancy Pelosi Harry Reid Chuck Schumer Richard Blumenthal Mark Begich Al Franken Mary Landrieu Elizabeth Warren to name just a few With a surprise cameo appearance by Hussein Obama.
Maybe too many blows in the head?
This ad negates the findings of the NIH as it would apply to the poop throwing skills of democrats: "at a cost of $592,000 for NIH, [the NIH found] that chimps with the best poop-throwing skills are also the best communicators. But while flinging feces might get another primate's attention in the wild, they discovered, it's not much good in captivity." 'I've never in my life seen a chimp be given a banana for throwing s**t at someone,' Emory University psychologist Bill Hopkins told Wired magazine." Mr Hopkins will likely be disappointed to learn that the poop slinging democrats responsible for this ad are getting lots of bananas from their keepers. IMHO, the democrats responsible for the ad also deserve a bonus: a gross of those NIH paper origami condoms so they can go f..k themselves.
You are correct in your observation that there is indeed a trend but incompetency does not enter into it. The Obama administration is extremely competent in pursuit of their objective to destroy the United States; everything they do is calculated to achieve that objective.
Michelle O. has a group of kindergartners working on developing a drug therapy made from turnips grown in the White House garden.
I along with countless others survived 1986-87. The problem is that some of us are now so old that we cannot live long enough (again) to recoup our 'paper' losses. I have enough to provide for my care when I get wacky and the rest will be spent on whatever I want, now mostly charitable contributions. I am concerned however for the future of the generation of young people who will likely never experience the good fortunes of my generation. A friend's grandchildren, 12 and 15, are going to be looking at a bleak future if we continue to be sucker punched by the liberals the POS in the White House. A financial planner, or even just a dedicated Joe America saver, cannot defend themselves against the insidious onslaught of a group of people that are intent on destroying the United States and its middle class.
Remember Obama exists on golf, fundraising, B as in B and S as in S, and Moochelles turnips.
"I shook hands with, hugged, and kissed not the doctors but a couple of the nurses at Emory," he added, referring to a hospital famous for treating Ebola patients in Atlanta, Georgia. "I felt perfectly safe." ~Obama How did those staff members feel after they touched him without wearing their "protocol" gear? They could possibly catch his 'stupidity' and 'incompetency' and 'hatred of America' virus.
Any speculation as to what the diagnosis would be?
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