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Obama loves himself.
Isn't being a slave to fascism wonderful? You just have to stand there mute and blissfully chew your gum.
How was it possible that we missed witnessing when Davis received her coveted crown at the Ms Tacky Texas Pageant?
Obama did it for the children.
In 2010, Pelosi said that "It is the biggest bang for the buck when you do food stamps and unemployment insurance, the biggest bang for the buck." // More 2010 nonsense from Pelosi (if you can take it): // Not much of a bang.
The one photo op we are all waiting for is his mug shot when he booked into prison.
Obama is doing it for the children.
They will be enrolled in re-education classes to get their heads straight.
Costco is a scam masquerading as a wholesale retailer.
Clowns do it all the time.
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