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Carter Redux?

Holy Spirit Truth Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 7:39 AM
We've lost millions of human beings to abortion. Wasn't that just "a little" hypocritical for Mr. Obama to take part in the memorial of the Holocaust touting outrage against future genocide while he fuels the greatest genocide of all time, OF ALL TIME. REPENT, AMERICA, REPENT

Every new datum on economic stagnation -- such as Thursday's Labor Department announcement that unemployment claims remain at a three-month high -- increases the temptation to compare the 2012 presidential race to 1980's. Both years feature a Democratic incumbent, elected on a surge of high hopes, who must face the voters after four years of disappointment. In both cases, the economy is a drag on the president. In both cases, the incumbent has attempted to demonize his opposition in order to avoid running on his record. In both cases, the challenger was regarded, at first, as easy to defeat.