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Around 68 degrees.........
If Fox news put out an article that Anne Coulter is a virgin, would you believe that too?
Gee, I just did a search on Greenland Ice cap.. and what comes up on display is a diminished cap coverage. And research I've done shows coverage shrinking over the year...with winter coverage strongly diminishing even above the Arctic Circle. There are reports that "icing over" on North Star Bay has been coming later in the fall. North Star Bay is up around an Inuit Village of Kanaq and the US S base at Thule. I spent some time there while in the Air Force... So I know something about the area.
Ransom apparently never lets the facts get in the way of the falsities of his argument.
just because a person is an atheist it doesn't mean they don't believe in the laws of the country ..there's a lot of "good" Christians that don't believe blacks should have the right right to vote....and by the way ..there's nothing in the commandments about genital mutilation ... ahh.. like male circumcision..
if the removal of the ten commandments from public display will cause to fall of Christianity.... Christianity needs to go out and hire a new advertising agency......
and the commandments don't forbid slavery.....drunkenness......
I don't know of any state/federal laws regarding coveting ....or forbidding work on the Sabbath .....adultery would have the new representative for the first district in south Carolina in the pokey... Lord's name in vain?? check constitution, first amendment ... etc..
How about the one regarding adultery and Mark Sanford
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Our Stained, Muzzled Military

holtonfb Wrote: May 10, 2013 9:31 AM
So who do you suggest run for president ..that has military command and combat experience??t
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