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Missouri Dems: Let’s Just Force Gun Owners to Surrender, Destroy Their Weapons

hologram5 Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 11:14 AM
1. This will NEVER pass as it's a clear and present danger to the Constitution. 2. Even IF it did pass, they cannot enforce it without violating too many amendments to the Constitution. 3. If they want a fight, maybe they shouldn't pick a fight with people they have called, "Bitter Bible and GUN Clingers" since they already know we are armed to the teeth.

Why wait for the supply to dry up over time when you could just force gun owners to surrender or destroy their weapons immediately? Missouri Democrats think it’s a good idea:

Democrats in the state House have proposed a bill that would force gun owners to either surrender or destroy weapons including semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines and semi-automatic pistols with a fixed magazine that can shoot more than 10 rounds before being reloaded.

Ammunition-feeding devices that can hold more than 10 rounds also would be banned. Owners also could send their weapons to another...