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Talk about a queen of Denial... and it's not a river in Jordan....
Either a pause or a "Let me be clear" is a good indicator that a lie is coming...
HAHAH!!! Another "DIMocrat" worthy of news... NOT! LMAO!
Why? Why is it like Jim Crow? I'd wager since most of them are young, they couldn't even tell us what Jim Crow did.
Man I am all for that. I know that these guys would be the perfect new gen of men to strip away the lifetime benefits and pensions, enact term limits and amend the constitution to reflect congress shall pass no law that they are exempt from. Now that would be change I CAN believe in.
Um, Nixon. Once he got busted, he RESIGNED to protect the country. Unfortunately today, these cretins ALWAYS put party over country. DERP!
Pretty rich coming from a proponent of Abortion that kills 300K children a year. MORON.
She is delusional.
This is in direct violation of the constitution. You are required to be a citizen to vote in our elections.
And I would call that the definition of stupid. Trying something again expecting different results.
Mitt, you can start with paying ALL your employees what you think is fair. Then leave the rest of us alone.
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