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Um, Nixon. Once he got busted, he RESIGNED to protect the country. Unfortunately today, these cretins ALWAYS put party over country. DERP!
Pretty rich coming from a proponent of Abortion that kills 300K children a year. MORON.
She is delusional.
This is in direct violation of the constitution. You are required to be a citizen to vote in our elections.
And I would call that the definition of stupid. Trying something again expecting different results.
Mitt, you can start with paying ALL your employees what you think is fair. Then leave the rest of us alone.
Oh, she's gonna run alright, you can bet your bottom dollar. She'll run.
Boy, you've lost all credibility huh? That's what happens when it's nothing but insults and profanity.
And if he doesn't swing both ways, I'm a monkey's uncle....
I was thinking more like Durka derp derp....
Cueing the war against doctors in 3.....2.......1.....
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