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Swing States: Romney 51, Obama 46

Hollen41 Wrote: Oct 18, 2012 5:24 PM
This race is much closer than I thought it would have been three months ago. Having the polls so close is nail biting, this race could really go either way. In the 08' polls it was easy to tell the President was going to be Obama, the last polls had him up near 10 points. In this race, current polls show Romney being up only slightly, but that's still well within the margin of error for the polls. The last debate could be a real game changer and put one candidate ahead of the other enough to give us a more clear prediction of who will win in just nineteen short days. Now is when the gloves are coming off for the last few votes, in particularly the women's vote because it may be up to them on who wins this election.
If the President does get a second term I would be shocked, and scared. Thinking about all the legislation he's passed in his first term has me biting my nails at the thought of a second term. How he can have so much support I just don't understand. Now its true that President Obama has a likability factor that Romney just hasn't seen to master, but when that friend starts reaching into your pockets you start to rethink this whole friendship thing; at least I would. Clinton said in his speech how Obama is on the right track but needs more time, what track is he on?! With more time who knows what other bills he could pass that Americans don't want... Hopefully Romney will come out on top, but its still too close to call.
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