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Thanks for the correction Earl29. Doesn't matter, we should replace Reid and McConnell. Lee would be excellent though.
Holy schmokes Star, you better warn Shannon that he's off the plantation and the CDs (communist-Democrats) will be invoking the fugitive slave act and set out after him and bring him back in line! Sounds like a good man. He's got experience as Speaker. Time to replace Boener with Shannon!.
Excellent question. Not one to be answered by anyone biased from government employment.
You are good for doing all that. Many young ladies would like to play sports and should. It's not even about winning but the "education" gained in teamwork, a healthy attitude, and just having some fun together. Male sports have gotten too commercialized with now college teams possibly unionizing and the professionals are such a bunch of primadonnas it's disgusting. Keep up the good work OldMom and Dad.
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Keystone Pipeline Delayed Again

Hoghead Wrote: Apr 20, 2014 7:22 AM
IF you all would actually look at the statistics you will see some surprising and revealing information. Go to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS.gov) and look at Oil pipelines and then go to www.PHMSA.gov and look at the stats for the other four modes of transportation. What you'll see is that pipeline kills more people and spills more oil than any other mode. Furthermore, this "create thousands of jobs immediately" is also bogus. They are temporary jobs and only have a few jobs per thousand miles of pipeline whereas the other modes have permanent jobs in construction, maintenance, and transportation. (Mind you all now, I am NOT a liberal but a transportation specialist and I thought the pipeline would be good too until I looked at the stats.) Now to me, this is the only thing Zero is doing right.
Charlesthehammer? Charles Maccabbee?
Cute, I like it!
Holy schmokes! Turn off the "adult channels"? Hotels in Vegas have televisions? I've been there a dozen times and never noticed... Stayed in some real nice places too. If Christians want to go to Vegas for the convention they shouldn't have any problem whatsoever if they are true to their faith with a little fortitude.
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Krauthammer Against The Tyrants

Hoghead Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 11:16 AM
CK is a very thoughtful and insightful man, and smart too. He should be President.
Keep it up Senator and you'll find yourself at the head of the TEA party running for President! Muy Muy has invited you to Florida, well we could use more good men in Virginia as well, come on up!
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