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Is he still the stupid news guy?
This white house and administration is an embarrassment. Someone needs to lead, and it may as well be Boehner.
I would like to see France do something about this. They really don't have a good track record, do they?
I am ashamed of our cowardly president and his administration.
Yes, sadly there are a lot of blacks being "executed" on our streets. Most of it by other blacks, by the way. And no, Obama is not Jesus. What a shameful remark by a self-proclaimed "reverend."
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Here Comes the Obama Veto Pen

hogger Wrote: Jan 01, 2015 12:04 PM
Now we'll really see how much this moron wants to work with the "other side."
This is insane. Makes absolutely no sense. Typical Obama.
Stay in the islands.
A real class act. What a roll model.
Its not my state, but as an opinion, you Louisianans (sp) should get rid of her.
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