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Hey Texas Voters: Cast Your Early Vote Today For Ted Cruz

hocndoc Wrote: Jul 26, 2012 7:57 PM
What we know about Cruz is that he talks, (and puts as much drama into it as possible -- hear about the times he forgot his wife was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and screamed that the CFR is a pit of vipers? Google it) Dewhurst DID these things. As to redistricting, our TExas legislature only meets for 140 days each 2 years. It is necessary to focus on what is required by the State Constitution and what is vital to pass. Time ran out as it was - after the Lt. Governor called for suspension of the rules on the TSA bill - it failed along party lines - with only about 4 hours filibuster by the Dems, so the Governor had to call a special session. Those run 30 days and only address issues specifically named by the Governor.

Ted Cruz is very close.

The Texas GOP is very close.

The entire Lone Star State is very close and the country is very close to a very big win on Tuesday, July 31.

Early voting is underway in Texas right now and goes on through Friday. If you are a Texas GOP voter, go to and find out where you can go and cast your vote for Ted Cruz.

If you know anyone living in Texas, call him or her up and urge them to go to and find out where they can vote and to...